There are couple of politicians more consistent 보다 Elizabeth Warren. The Massachusetts senator has spent much of she public life advocating for higher taxes because that the wealthy, and her wealth taxation is in the news again due to the fact that of her continued advocacy for it. As she advocates for higher taxes ~ above the wealthy, some have begun to wonder whether those taxes would influence Senator Warren and also her husband Bruce personally. Here's what us know about her network worth.

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In 2019, Elizabeth Warren's obvious net precious was around $12 million, according to Forbes. Around a third of that money is apparently in retirement accounts, and the pair also owns two houses. One is a $3 million Victorian residence in Cambridge, Mass., and the other is an $800,000 condo in Washington, D.C. Warren's certainly gathered a an extensive financial portfolio end the years, however it pales in comparison come those whom she's interested in taxing.


While some may accuse Sen. Warren of being a hypocrite for having a net worth of countless dollars, her wealth is not virtually as significant as the of the human being she intends to tax. Her proposed taxation would take just 2 percent that every dollar for people who room worth more than $50 million. That's currently a very small subset that people. The civilization she's most involved about, though, are numbers like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, who are worth hundreds of billions the dollars each.

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Before she was a senator, senator Warren spent years working as a professor at Harvard University. Bruce Mann, her husband, also works at Harvard, and they accumulated a substantial part of their network worth if they were both teaching at the school. Sen. Warren has also made money v consulting and book deals, which she earned large advances from after she ended up being a U.S. Senator. 

The Massachusetts senator has two children. She had both youngsters with her an initial husband, James Robert Warren, who she married after dropping the end of college. She children, Amelia and also Alexander, to be both born in the 1970s, and also have long due to the fact that become adults. Top top the project trail as soon as she was running for president, Sen. Warren would commonly talk about the an obstacle of juggling being a full time mom v working full-time. 

She acknowledged that without aid from family, she likely would have had to sacrifice one of her dreams.

She prospered up poor, the youngest the four kids in Oklahoma. Sen. Warren began teaching in ~ Rutgers in the 1970s and jumped come a number of different schools before finally landing in ~ Harvard in 1995. As soon as at Harvard, her star continued to increase as she became an experienced on bankruptcy. 

Although she may never it is in president, senator Warren has had actually an indelible impact on the American political human being thanks to her bold plan ideas and also her fierce conviction in the things she trust in. Her network worth may read to some as hypocritical, yet given wherein she started, it's straightforward to see exactly how her increase to political power speaks come what America can be in ~ its best, and also what that so often falls short to be for so numerous of its citizens. 

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