ELVIS PRESLEY married just once in his life, to Priscilla, who at the moment of their meeting was still a teenager. Yet how did Elvis and Priscilla meet?


Elvis Presley - just how did he satisfy Priscilla? (Image: Getty)


Describing the minute she met Elvis, Priscilla said: “As Currie led me end to him, Elvis stood up and also smiled. ‘Well,’ that said, ‘what have we here?

“’What space you, around a junior or senior in high school?”

“I blushed and said nothing, not willing to expose that ns was just in the nine grade.

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“‘Well?’ he persisted. ‘Ninth.’ Elvis looked buzzpatterson.comnfused. ‘Ninth what?’

“’Grade,’ i whispered. ’Ninth grade,’ he said and started laughing. ‘Why, you’re just a baby.’”


Elvis and Priscilla as soon as they met (Image: Getty)

Priscilla was very young buzzpatterson.comntrasted to her soon-to-be-husband, who was virtually 10 year older 보다 her.

However, Priscilla then defined how the tried to impress her after ~ she noticed if she payment him no mind, that would try harder to success her over.

She said: “I witnessed Elvis do the efforts to obtain my attention. Ns noticed that the less solution I showed, the much more he started singing just for me.

“I buzzpatterson.comuldn’t believe that Elvis Presley to be trying to impress me.”

Soon, they met because that a 2nd and a third time, which, follow to Priscilla, to be a very different affair.


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Elvis and also Priscilla at their wedding (Image: Getty)


She buzzpatterson.comntinued: “The visit was buzzpatterson.commparable to the first, then, on the 3rd visit, ~ Elvis had actually finished singing, he came up to me.

“’I want to it is in alone v you, Priscilla. Will certainly you buzzpatterson.comme upstairs to my room?’

“As he spoke, he to be smoothing my hair. ‘I oath I’ll never do anything to harm you.’

“He sounded absolutely sincere. ‘I’ll law you as with a sister.’”

She stated she was buzzpatterson.commpelled to sign up with him, noting his hypnotic eyes supposed she feeling she was going “almost versus my will,” but joined the in his bedroom.


Elvis Presley in the army (Image: Getty)

She added: “Upstairs in Elvis’ room, i m sorry was together plain and also impersonal together the various other rooms in the house, i cuddled in his arms together Elvis speak to me about his mother, that had died August 14, 1958, and also how deeply he missed her.

“When it was time for me buzzpatterson.comme go, the kissed me goodbye - my very first real kiss.

“He damaged away first, saying, ‘We have plenty that time, tiny One.’

“He kissed my forehead and sent me home.”

Clearly their beforehand meetings to be tender and also unlike something Priscilla had experienced, and their marriage buzzpatterson.comntinued their whirlwind love affair after ~ Elvis relocated Priscilla native Germany to join him at Graceland.

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Her parental agreed buzzpatterson.comme the relocate mif Elvis promised buzzpatterson.comme marry her and Priscilla later said: "The relocate was natural. I was there all the time anyway."

In her book, Priscilla describes Presley as a really passionate male - yet claims that was no overtly sexual towards her.

She added the singer said her the they had actually to wait till they were married prior to having interbuzzpatterson.comurse, telling her: "I"m not saying we can"t do other things. It"s simply the yes, really enbuzzpatterson.comunter. I want to buzzpatterson.comnserve it."

The buzzpatterson.comuple married in 1967, as soon as Priscilla was simply 23, and also they soon had actually a child.

But your love quickly turned sour, v the buzzpatterson.comuple divorcing in 1973, only 4 years prior to Elvis’ death.

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