BiographyOccupation: Singer, actorBorn: January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, MississippiDied: respectable 16, 1977 in Memphis, TennesseeBest well-known for: A founder of rock-and-roll musicNickname: The King of Rock-and-Roll

Biography:Where go Elvis Presley grow up?Elvis Aaron Presley to be born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935. He to be the only child that Vernon and Gladys Presley. His family was poor and his father had actually a difficult time holding down a job. Because that a while, Elvis and his mom lived with his grandmother if his father spent 8 months in prison. Cultivation up, Elvis was a shy son who was an extremely close come his mother.

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Learning MusicAt a young age, world noticed that Elvis had wonderful singing voice. In ~ the period of ten he provided his an initial public to sing performance. He also got his first guitar the year. Elvis loved play the guitar. He lugged it with him wherever he went, also to school. That never acquired formal to sing or etc lessons and never learned to check out music. He just watched other human being play and also learned song by ear (listening to them).Moving to MemphisWhen Elvis remained in eighth grade, his household moved come Memphis, Tennessee. In Memphis, Elvis was exposed come a wide variety of music. One of his favorite points to carry out was to walk to Charlie"s document shop and also listen come music. Elvis likewise continued to exercise the guitar.Sun RecordsIn Memphis there to be a record studio own by a male named Sam Phillips. Elvis very first went come the studio in august of 1953 to record a tune for his mom. It was referred to as "My Happiness." Elvis walk by Sun documents a lot over the next year hope to it is in discovered. In ~ one allude Sam Phillips said that Elvis get in addition to a couple of neighborhood musicians, guitarist Scotty Moore and bass player bill Black, to document some songs.
That"s every RightElvis, Scotty, and Bill go to sun Records and began performing various songs. They play a variety of songs, however Sam Phillips was no impressed. The told the boys to take a break. Throughout the break, Elvis began playing one old blues song dubbed "That"s every Right". Elvis placed his own format into the song. That was to sing it fast and also dancing approximately the room. Scotty and also Bill heard the music and joined in. Sam Phillips heard the guys playing and also knew he had actually a hit song. He recorded the song, and also it was playing on the radio 3 days later. Elvis was on his means to ending up being a star.Becoming FamousAfter "That"s every Right" come out, Elvis began to play neighborhood clubs and also gained a complying with of fans. Quickly Elvis, Scotty, and also Bill to be traveling approximately much of the Midwest performing concerts. In 1955, Elvis signed a record attend to RCA Records. The album Elvis Presley went number one and additionally had his first number one hit through "Heartbreak Hotel." Elvis appeared on number of TV mirrors such as the Milton Berle Show, the Ed Sullivan Show, and also the Steve Allen Show. That was currently one that the biggest stars in music.A distinctive StyleElvis had actually a distinct style the music and also performance every his own. His music was a mix of country and gospel music. He likewise danced about on phase shaking his hips. In ~ the time, many adults were shocked through his music and also dancing. Once he walk on TV, the was generally asked not to dance or to be filmed indigenous the belt up. Teenagers, however, love Elvis" music and dancing. They had actually never viewed anything favor it and also they loved it.
Elvis in Jailhouse RockSource: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.
A Movie StarIn enhancement to do records and performing concerts, Elvis started to star in movies. His very first movie was Love Me tender in 1956. He also sang the title tune from this movie which go number one. Over the next 15 years, the starred in over 30 movies consisting of Jailhouse Rock, Blue Hawaii, Viva ras Vegas, and twin Trouble.Military CareerElvis to be drafted into the army in 1958. Elvis wanted to it is in treated prefer a constant soldier. He offered in the military for 2 years and was released in 1960. During that time, the was component of the 3rd Armored department in Germany. He was paid like other soldiers, but donated his salary to charity.
Later CareerElvis ongoing to do movies and also record songs. During the mid-sixties the spent much more time on movies and his music career slowed down. That made his big comeback in 1968 through a television special reflecting him performing miscellaneous songs. In 1969, he exit the album from Elvis in Memphis which had the number one song "Suspicious Minds."Personal LifeElvis met his future mam Priscilla while he was stationed v the army in Germany. They date for 7 years prior to getting married in 1967. Elvis and Priscilla had one child, a daughter called Lisa Marie.DeathElvis Presley died of heart fail on respectable 16, 1977. His health had deteriorated over the vault years, largely because of increased weight and also drug use. That was buried at Graceland close to the tombs of his mother and father.Interesting Facts about Elvis PresleyRolling stone magazine dubbed "That"s every Right" the an initial ever rock-and-roll recording.Elvis to buy a mansion exterior of Memphis dubbed Graceland. This particular day Graceland serves as a museum.His daughter Lisa Marie was married come Michael Jackson.He was nominated because that 14 Grammy Awards, to win 3 times.When Elvis first met his future wife Priscilla, she was only fourteen year old.Elvis recorded 40 height 10 songs including 18 number one hits.His music and also movies room still an extremely popular. He made an approximated $55 million in 2012.

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