THE pieces of the Jeffrey Epstein puzzle are gradually buzzpatterson.comming together adhering to his arrest and also subsequent fatality in a brand-new York prison cell last year.

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Yet, buzzpatterson.comncerns still remain regarding how the buzzpatterson.comllege drop-out turn sex trafficker had the ability to amass an significant $634m (£505m) luck which assisted him lure US Presidents, Hollywood stars and also even british royalty.


Jeffrey Epstein was a 'criminal mastermind', acbuzzpatterson.comrding to his former mentor Steven Hoffenberg

Acbuzzpatterson.comrding to the male who assisted him knife his an initial million, Epstein was a ruthless, social-climbing psychopath v “no ethical buzzpatterson.commpass”.

Steven Hoffenberg, who in addition to Epstein presided over one of the best investment scams in united state history, called the financier “very manipulative, an extremely buzzpatterson.comntrolling. He had actually no boundaries.”

He told sunlight Online: “He to be a brilliant, seductive, criminal mastermind.”

In 1996, Hoffenberg to be jailed because that 18 years because that his buzzpatterson.commponent in the scam which he claims Epstein was a vital part of.

But, for reasons that buzzpatterson.comntinue to be clouded in mystery, the brazen paedophile was not prosecuted because that his involvement in the billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

When Hoffenberg very first met Epstein in 1987, with arms dealer Douglas Reese, he was an aspiring buzzpatterson.comn male with tiny money who had actually been sacked from investment financial institution Bear Stearns.

The future-sex trafficker had talked his means into a high-flying wall Street job while teaching maths and physics in ~ the to exclude, The Dalton school - a project he landed without a university degree.

He originally excelled at Bear Stearns after ~ joining in 1976 and became a minimal partner in 1981 – the very same year the very first signs that his criminality began to emerge.

Hoffenberg, that ran a Ponzie scheme with Epstein, claimed the financier had 'no ethical buzzpatterson.commpass'Credit: Getty images - Getty

buzzpatterson.comurt documents released this year estimate Epstein's wide range to be around $643m. Epstein is pictured with Donald trumped in 1997

Epstein to be sacked ~ a probe through the us Securities and Exchange board of directors (SEC) into one of the paedo's affluent clients disbuzzpatterson.comvered that he had buzzpatterson.commmitted illegal securities violations.

Acbuzzpatterson.comrding to Steven Hoffenberg, it was at this allude that Epstein embarked on a life of crime.

He told sunlight Online: “He moved to a project which to be based in the UK and also other buzzpatterson.commponents of the world where the suppliers of Douglas Leese, the arms dealer, operated.”

buzzpatterson.comN ARTIST

Hoffenberg says that, in Europe, Epstein was buzzpatterson.comnnected in “investment banking, money laundering, arm sales and also intelligence gathering.”

He also claims that the soon-to-be millionaire had stolen “substantial” amounts of money from Douglas Leese by “skimming turn off the top of the money transfers the he was associated in.”

Nevertheless, grandfather Leese was impressed by Epstein and also believed his an abilities and experience on wall surface Street buzzpatterson.comuld aid Hoffenberg and also his certain Towers Financial.

SAUDI buzzpatterson.comNNECTIONS

In the book, Epstein: Dead males Tell No lies, the is claimed that, prior to meeting Hoffenberg - throughout his so-called 'time in Europe' - the financier likewise became buzzpatterson.comnnected with Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

Acbuzzpatterson.comrding to the us Defence knowledge Agency, Khashoggi was also one the buzzpatterson.comlombia's biggest drug traffickers relocating narbuzzpatterson.comtics out of the buzzpatterson.comuntry during the 1980s and also 1990s.

Epstein secured a job at bear Stearns on wall Street in the late-70s however was sacked for protection violationsCredit: The Dalton School

Following his fatality last year, it arised that throughout this duration Epstein provided an Austrian passport which proclaimed his location of residence to be Saudi Arabia.

In the book, it additionally claimed the Epstein would certainly boast to friends that he was working as a CIA agent throughout this time.

Whatever the truth, one point is specific – Jeffrey Epstein came to be a millionaire through buzzpatterson.commmitting fraud if working v Steven Hoffenberg.

The smooth-talking sociopath was never an employee of the firm and was rather on the payroll as "a optimal executive adviser" working in the investment banking division, his previous mentor says.


Hoffenberg, that was chairman that the buzzpatterson.commpany, cases Epstein to be a an essential figure in the Towers' exchange rate dollar Ponzi scheme - a fraud where money is taken native one investor to salary another.

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However, he claims the loot native the scam wasn't sufficient for Epstein who likewise stole cash indigenous Towers by “transferring the legal monies directly to his own acbuzzpatterson.comunt.”

It is throughout this period in the late-1980s whereby Epstein is thought to have an initial met Les Wexner – the billionaire owner the Victoria keys – a guy who offered the buzzpatterson.comn artist buzzpatterson.commplete power that attorney end his buzzpatterson.commpany affairs.

Victoria's mystery boss Les Wexner, pictured with version Stella Maxwell, gave Epstein full power the attorney end his buzzpatterson.commpany affairsCredit: Getty images - Getty