It’s one unbelievable story of before and also after, just to return again come the before and also finally dedicating come the after. Let’s settle this confusion. We are talking about actor Ethan Suplee yet we space not talking around his exhilaration career (though we will). We’re talking around his weight gain, weight loss, obtain again, then ultimate dedication to the loss and being fit.

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By the moment he was 10-years old, Ethan Suplee tipped the scale at end 200 pounds. The actor claims it to be then that his father put him top top a fluid diet that protein shakes and diet sodas. He was able to drop a few pounds but his mom didn’t care for the diet so she traction him off. His weight ballooned over the occurring years.

His acting career started as an 18-year old in projects such as Tales from the Crypt (his very first role), Mallrats (which that starred in with his My surname Is Earl co-star Jason Lee), Chasing Amy, 35 mile From Normal, and also 11th Hour. These functions came together he was likewise starring together Frankie “The Enforcer” Stechino in the TV collection Boy Meets World.

Ethan Suplee on young Meets World

While “noticeable” in every his roles (mainly for his size), that truly came to be noticed as an gibbs in the movie American background X. As Seth Ryan, Suplee uncovered the function of a violent white supremacist understandably a an overwhelming chore. But it was a duty that earn him acknowledgment for much more than simply his girth.



Ethan Suplee’s duty in American background X opened doors for other films. He adhered to X through Dante’s View, Takedown, road Trip, and also Vulgar, a unstable movie whereby he appeared as a male who raped a clown. This led Suplee to an additional well-known role as the vastly overweight soccer player Louie Lastik in the movie Remember the Titans.

Not only did Suplee’s load explode throughout that time, however the actor also says he was most likely at his heaviest, a robust 530 lbs. During the filming of the movie. That his weight throughout that time Suplee guesstimates the he “gained and also lost most likely close to 1,000 lbs. In ~ this point.” every this from substantial overeating, then extreme dieting which led to him to gain back all that weight.

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The duties he searched for beforehand were roles where he hope the focus wouldn’t it is in on his weight however ultimately, he ended up in “roles because that fat kids.” He defined to PEOPLE, “I never wanted to do something whereby I to be the fat man who to be the butt of a fat man joke,” that says. “I told my agents come look because that roles external the crate that can work for me. There to be instances whereby somebody would want to include a line around me being fat and also I would simply say, ‘Hey, no, we’re no doing that.’”

ETHAN SUPLEE top top MY surname IS EARL


Ethan Suplee’s acting career didn’t suffer. He ongoing to obtain parts. Whether it was based upon his size or his exhilaration ability, that knows for sure. He have the right to act though.

In the early on 2000s, Suplee found himself in numerous feature films. He played Tuna, Johnny Depp’s pal and also drug-dealing partner, in Blow. He was also seen in John Q, The very first $20 Million Is constantly the Hardest, The Butterfly Effect, there is no A Paddle, and also Neo Ned. During this time, he also made appearances on TV collection such together Third Watch and Entourage.

Ethan Suplee together Randy on My name Is Earl

It remained in 2005, though, that Ethan Suplee found one of the duties that he is perhaps ideal known for. He was Randy Hickey, brother to Earl, ~ above the fight TV series My name Is Earl. It was a noteworthy comedic revolve by Suplee in a series where he was rejoined with Jason Lee.



The roller coaster that has been Ethan Suplee’s load is once again top top the downside and it looks, for every intents and purposes, this is where it will stay.

Suplee credits his now-wife because that inspiration. Throughout his people interview, he described that the was dating Brandy Lewis (sister the actress Juliette Lewis) and knew when they obtained married that children were in the plans and that trips to Paris or also going ~ above hikes at the moment was challenging for him. So, it to be time to get serious and make the weight loss stick. “I knew the if ns didn’t change, i wouldn’t have actually that future,” the says. “That was the an ideas that retained me in ~ it.”

In a three-year timespan, Ethan Suplee dropped native 530 lbs to roughly 290 lbs yet he couldn’t keep it off. He gained lazy and gained weight throughout his My surname is Earl years however again lost it as soon as the present ended. “I went under to 220 lbs. And also stayed there for a bit, yet I obtained there by doing like eight hours of cardio a day, six days a week,” the told PEOPLE. “I to be doing a lot of starvation-type diets and also not eating enough at all. So I gained weight again.”