Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty pictures for NARASLOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 14: faith Hill (L) and also Tim McGraw do onstage throughout the "Soul2Soul" civilization Tour in ~ Staples center on July 14, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

When you think of country music fairy tales, TimMcGraw and Faith Hill?s love story is among the first that pertained to mind.

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They an initial met as climbing stars where they were booked to perform on the very same “New Faces” present at a Nashville music market convention in 1994. The conference was fine, but Tim had actually a girlfriend in ~ the time and it wasn?t the kickstarter to your happy ending.

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That minute came in 1995, as soon as the two were playing a festival with each other in Wisconsin. Tim psychic it just like it was yesterday throughout a chat v “Billboard”last fall.

?In 1995, us played in ~ Eau Claire, Wisconsin, at a festival together,? the told the magazine. ?At the finish of our encore we always did ?The Joker? Steve fearbut Band. We did this kind of electrical Slide, everybody throughout the former of the stage. I was noticing her watching the display off the next of the stage.?

?You were?? confidence asked him through a embarrassy smile.

?Of course i was,? he said with a sheepish grin.

?So I started doing the slide, and also I felt who behind me and also I turned around and she to be behind me law the slide v us onstage.?

Even despite this encounter in 1995 went for this reason well, that wouldn?t be till 1996 once these 2 really acquired to recognize each other out top top the “Spontaneous combustion Tour.” at the time, they were dating various other people. Yet the heart wants what it wants and also you can?t refuse chemistry.

Tim called “People” that to him, faith was ?gorgeous,? yet ?out the his league.?

But when they took treatment of their personal business, things started to flourish and also love truly started to blossom. Also though Tim was all in, confidence admitted that after coming turn off of a divorce native her very first marriage, she to be hesitant. But one moment changed her mind: watching Tim through a young fan.


She told “People,” ?I witnessed this incredibly fatherly instinct the he had. He had actually this actual love for children. Ns thought, ?That man has gained to it is in the father of my children.’?

And he would be.

The two began dating and also were married by the fall of the 1996. And also another surprise was in store for the couple: they to be going to be parents! together their careers ongoing to grow, therefore did your family. The couple has three beautiful daughters together: Gracie (20), Maggie (19) and Audrey (16).

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Despite your skyrocketing careers and superstar statuses, Tim and also Faith have remained committed to each other and their family first and foremost.