This short article contains conversation of death, suicide, problem abuse, addiction, and child abuse.

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When "Glee" premiered ~ above Fox in 2009, couple of could have actually predicted the musical dramedy"s effect on popular music culture. Developed by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, "Glee" was a bizarre concept from the get-go — specifically, a actors of adult actors play high school students that burst right into song number of times a day and are seldom seen in scholastic classes. Yet, similar to most projects involving Murphy, the underdog display focused top top the much-maligned Glee society at one Ohio high school. Caught the hearts of many. Audiences tuned in mainly after week, passionate to check out what acapella group new Directions to be up to, and the following day they downloaded the episode"s finest songs — specifically if the illustration featured a mash-up.

"Glee" brought its curtain down in 2015, after 6 seasons, and though its viewership dropped substantially over that is run, "Gleeks" still burned tears together they stated farewell to their favorite series. In a twisted of bitter irony, "Glee," through its young cast and also sunny outlook, has suffered plenty of tragedies both during and also after that is six-year run. Right here are the "Glee" stars you can not know passed away.

On "Glee," Cory Monteith play Finn Hudson, one all-American jock v a perceptible side and also soothing voice. Finn"s top top again, off again partnership with Lea Michele"s Rachel Berry to be a centerpiece the the show"s dramatic moments, earning the affectionate portmanteau "Finchel" (and the two had actually an off-screen connection as well). Howevr, Monteith pertained to the "Glee" actors with some weighty personal struggles. In a 2011 interview with Parade, the Canadian actor opened up about his battles with drugs and alcohol, which began when he was simply 13 year old. By the moment he to be 19, Monteith"s friends and family organized an intervention, after i m sorry Monteith entered rehab for the an initial time.

Unfortunately, Monteith"s demons continued to haunt him throughout his 20s. In in march 2013, in ~ the period of 30, Monteith gone into rehab, perfect the regime at the end of April (via E! Online). Then, ~ above July 17, news damaged that Monteith was uncovered dead in his Vancoucer hotel room. Autopsy outcomes revealed the the actor died of an accidental overdose that heroin and alcohol; codeine and also morphine were likewise found in his blood. The third episode that the fifth season that "Glee," titled "The Quarterback," is committed to Monteith.

If friend or anyone you recognize is struggling with addiction issues, assist is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and also Mental wellness Services administration website or call SAMHSA"s nationwide Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

"Glee," like any show collection in high school, had actually its "bad boy," and also in the ole, note Salling play Noah "Puck" Puckerman for the totality of the series, though he is noted as a recurring character for its final two seasons. Lot like Shakespeare"s personality of the exact same name, Puck to be a mischief-maker, albeit a lovable one. As the series" resides horn dog, Puck was often "romancing" a selection of women. Like his co-star Cory Monteith, Salling also found himself in unflattering headlines.

In 2013, Salling"s ex-girlfriend, Roxanne Gorzela, sue the Texas native, alleging he forced her to have actually unprotected sex. Despite Salling denied the accusations, he settled with Gorzela the end of court, paying her $2.7 million (via TMZ). A couple of months ~ "Glee" ended, Salling was arrested and also charged through possession of son pornography. When authorities searched his California home, castle discovered an ext than 50,000 pictures of son pornography on his computer. Salling pled guilty in December 2017, with sentencing collection for in march 2018. Likely encountering several year in prison, Salling passed away by suicide in January 2018. He to be 35 year old.

If you or everyone you recognize is having actually suicidal thoughts, please contact the nationwide Suicide avoidance Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

If girlfriend or someone you know may it is in the victim of child abuse, please contact the Childhelp national Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child (1-800-422-4453) or contact their live conversation services.

Jane Lynch is among only five "Glee" actors to star in a main role for every six seasons of the show. Together Sue Sylvester, head coach of william McKinley High School"s cheerleading squad, Lynch play the show"s villain. Commonly clad in a tracksuit, Sylvester stalked the halls of McKinley, instilling are afraid in both students and staff. Yet in spite of her edges, Sue also had a soft spot because that Becky Jackson, a McKinley student v Down"s syndrome, that Sue take away under her wing. Though she affection for Becky appeared out the character, viewers eventually learn the Sue has an older sister, Jean, v Down"s syndrome.

Robin Trocki, who came to "Glee" with no acting experience, play Jean Sylvester in five episodes throughout seasons 1 and 2. Trocki died in 2019 native Alzheimer"s an illness at the period of 63. While not a star of the series, Trocki"s involvement with "Glee" assisted raise awareness for Down"s syndrome (via Legacy).

For the very first season the "Glee," Naya Rivera play the recurring character Santana Lopez, among Sue"s top cheerleaders, before being advocated to the show"s main cast in Season 2. Just as note Salling"s character filled the function of "bad boy," Rivera"s character offered as the "mean girl," though the persona softened over time. In enhancement to providing powerful vocals in brand-new Directions, Santana also added to the show"s LGBT sensibilities. At an early stage in the series, Santana is revealed to it is in bisexual, and in Season 6 she marries fellow glee club alum Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris).

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In July 2020, Rivera took she 4-year-old child on a pontoon watercraft in California"s Lake Piru. As soon as Rivera failed come return the rental boat at the appointed time, a team was sent to find the boat and also its passengers. Once the watercraft was found, just Rivera"s boy was onboard. The boy told authorities that after a swim, his mother helped him earlier onto the boat prior to she slipped in ~ the water"s surface and also disappeared. ~ an exhaustive and also multi-day search, the Ventura ar Sheriff"s Office announced the exploration of a body thought to be Rivera"s; dental records would later confirm the body"s identity. An autopsy concluded the Rivera died as a result of inadvertently drowning (via E! Online). She to be 33 year old.