The majority of human being know Chip and also Joanna Gaines indigenous Fixer Upper as the golden pair of HGTV. However those obsessed v the network understand that Flip or Flop"s Tarek and Christina El Moussa are just as charming and seem a little more real. I mean, castle get really sassy with each other and are constantly freaking out around their buys v a resounding, "WHAT?!" Okay, therefore they might not it is in a golden couple, however that might make us love lock a little more.

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The show very first aired in April 2013 and has taken turn off to be one of HGTV"s most renowned shows. You deserve to often capture day-long marathons on weekends. The premise is simple: Tarek and Christina buy residences — frequently foreclosed or up because that auction — and flip them come sell. Yet something practically always go wrong or they incur ridiculous prices along the way. The drama is thrilling and can even be suspenseful — will certainly they successfully flip by the finish of the episode?!

Beyond the on-screen drama, there"s plenty the happens behind the scenes. Right here are part things even the greatest HGTV fans might not know.


When the housing market crashed in 2008, the real estate pair had to significantly downsize their living space, skimp on meals, and also sell their vehicles just to remain afloat. They relocated out of their house with a $6,000 monthly mortgage payment to a $700/month apartment with a roommate.

Tarek said of Christina in an adorable now-deleted Facebook short article on Mother"s Day, "The beginning of our connection was an extremely tough and she speak the wave through me, never complaining around our situation. She was always by mine side. She to be filled with love even though we were struggling financially. Us did not know just how to salary our bills. Ns will never forget as soon as we had Taylor and also she never ever bought maternity clothes since we couldn"t purchased them. Ns will never forget going to subway to break-up $5 footlongs from Subway due to the fact that that is every we could afford. I love her much more and much more every day."


Most people wonder around the success price of Tarek and also Christina"s flips. Once Flip or Flop first aired, Tarek stated he hadn"t shed a flip yet, "although I have been near a couple of times when I was new to flipping i m sorry was really scary." and while the present makes the seem prefer they directly escape flopping a flip, ns don"t recall ever before seeing them lose — lock either benefit or rest even. 


If you think a present on HGTV isn"t capable of stunning ratings, think again. In august 2016, the show became the highest rated present on cable, nabbing a 0.75 rating with 2.864 million viewers. Because that a show that runs throughout primetime at 9:00 p.m. ~ above Thursday nights, that"s supervisor impressive.


Back as soon as they an initial started out, they to be pinching pennies to do ends meet. However now? Tarek and Christina do $10,000 per episode. However, castle don"t usage the show money to make purchases. Lock buy the dwellings with money they make on their previous investments. And now, the couple has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

While watching a marathon that Flip or Flop, a registered nurse named Ryan Reade i found it a lump on Tarek"s throat, prompting concern. She told Today, "I noticed that at details angles, at particular times, the just recorded my eye the Tarek had actually a lump on his throat, and also I assumed it to be something that needed to be carried to his attention." It turns out that Tarek had actually been struggling through throat issues and actually had actually Stage-2 thyroid cancer. Tarek is currently in remission and doing well!

Since this is Tarek and also Christina"s full-time gig, castle are typically flipping countless houses at once. And they don"t all sell ideal away. When the display started in 2013, Tarek required to Talk Irvine come answer fans" questions. He revealed, "This year 2013 we have actually closed 14 year to date and also currently very own 17 either listed, under construction or in escrow. We space on track to carry out 50 this year."

The auctions are real! Tarek said, "Real legacy auctions where we buy space real. Ns must have cashiers checks to buy cash (I shed a 20k examine once, that was a nightmare)!" occasionally Tarek and Christina gain outbid, which friend don"t view on the show. The episodes are just 30 minutes, so they focus on which homes they actually do get.

What?! truth television isn"t chronological? Yup, it"s true. Through shows prefer Flip or Flop, over there isn"t really a running plot throughout the season. Each episode is that is own included drama, so there"s no have to run lock chronologically. Tarek claimed they started filming the show in January 2012, and also the first episode didn"t air until April 2013.

It"s not prefer Tarek and also Christina had lifelong dreams of being hosts that a fight HGTV show. Tarek made an audition tape with the assist of a friend and sent it in top top a whim. Not lengthy after, he had actually a contract for 13 illustration of Flip or Flop. The lesson here: If you"re ever considering sending out one audition tape for something, simply do it. You could be the next HGTV star!

As if watching Flip or Flop wasn"t enough, you"ll additionally be may be to review all about it — Tarek and Christina inked a publication deal. They"re at this time working top top Flip her Life, a publication that will certainly "offer valuable lessons native their own experiences." top top their on facebook page, they even asked fans for input the what they would prefer to see!

Since the couple"s personal drama to be revealed come the public, we can"t help but wonder if the publication will expose some juicy details. If you want to snag a copy, it"s due to be released in April 2017.

With the ongoing success the the show, Tarek and Christina have likewise tacked top top a spinoff, Flip or Flop: marketing Summer.

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This present focuses ~ above backyard remodels, even if it is it"s landscaping, new decks, or adding in a pool. If the pair keeps going the way they do, they might take over HGTV!

Even through the couple"s announcement of a separation in December 2016 after 7 years the marriage and also two children, castle told PEOPLE in a statement, "We will proceed to job-related through this process civilly and also cooperatively, and plan to proceed our professional life together." If the show can make it through that, it deserve to make it with anything.