American investment manager and Republican donor Foster Friess has passed away aged 81. We take a look in ~ Friess’ net worth, wife Lynnette and also children.

Foster Friess, a significant GOP donor, investor and previous Wyoming branch candidate, passed away on Thursday, might 27th. He to be 81 year old.

Friess ended up being known because that his philanthropic endeavors and has donated end $500 million throughout his lifetime, follow to a press release.

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The investors is made it through by his mam Lynnette, your children and also grandchildren.


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Foster Friess has passed away aged 81

Foster Friess died on Thursday, might 27th, his family members confirmed. Fox News reported in march this year the Friess was battling myelodysplastic syndrome, a cancer that affects the bone marrow.

His household said in a statement: “We space grateful because that the exorbitant life Foster lived and thankful to the many human being who have shared their prayers during his illness. We know plenty of of you mourn with us, and also we will certainly have an ext details shortly on Foster’s funeral.”

Friess was born April 2nd, 1940 in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, whereby he flourished up top top a family members farm. He studied a bachelor’s level in business administration at the college of Wisconsin and also went ~ above to offer as chairman of the Chi Phi Fraternity.

Friess was a significant donor behind Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign in 2012.

People who have actually known and also worked with him have actually paid your respects and shared emotional tributes on society media.

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Today we shed a good American patriot & follower of Christ. Foster Friess to be a man with a great heart and also a deep love for America. We understand he will hear the words, “Well done, an excellent and faithful servant,” as he enters the entrances of heaven. We room praying because that Lynn and his family.

— Ben & candy Carson (
RealBenCarson) might 27, 2021

What was Foster Friess’ network worth?

An estimation of $140 million.

Celebrity network Worth reports the Friess’ net worth to be $140 million. That earned his wealth v the mutual money manager Friess Associates.

A 2012 report by Forbes notes the he supposedly sold a 51 percent stake in his agency to AMG because that $247 million in 2001, although the still owned 10% the the firm. He has donated over $500 million in his lifetime, a push release announcing his fatality states.

Previous blogs and news outlets referred to Friess as “billionaire Foster Friess.” In 2012 interview, the told The Washington Post: “My wife concerned me and also said, ‘Have you to be holding out on me?’ human being asked, ‘So what are you — a multimillionaire?’ I favor to to speak a billionaire wanna-be.”

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Foster Friess: Wife and also children

Friess is survived by his wife Lynnette, their 4 children and fifteen grandchildren.

They married in 1962 and set up Friess Associates in 1974.

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The Friess household moved come Jackson, Wyoming, in 1992, where they ongoing to thrive their firm and assistance various conservative causes, and philanthropic and charitable foundations.