The next one came as soon as he tripped and also fell on his head during basketball. Two an ext occurred throughout pee-wee football approximately 7th grade, and he’s not sure once the rest adhered to — though he go recall getting a couple of while gyeongju cars in his early on 20s after certification on Malcolm in the Middle.

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All told, Muniz has actually suffered from ripe concussions — a revelation he made throughout Monday’s illustration of Dancing v the Stars. However his shocking admission, which additionally included his matter-of-fact pronouncement the he doesn’t remember starring in the renowned Fox sitcom, just grazed the surface. In a open minded with ~ Monday’s show, Muniz claimed he’s to be in and also out the ERs and also doctors offices after enduring from “at least” 15 transient ischemic strikes (or TIAs), otherwise well-known as mini-strokes the involve a momentary clot or blockage in the brain.

His very first one hit in 2012 when he was riding his motorcycle. He lost his peripheral vision however miraculously do it residence alive, despite he barely recognized his climate girlfriend and also mom. The couldn’t understand what they were trying come say.

“By that point, I already had nine concussions,” recalls Muniz. “But concussions don’t typically correlate v TIAs. The physicians did every test. A the majority of times with TIAs, there’s a little hole in love that reasons it. Coagulation go to the mind and you have actually a mini-stroke. Ns don’t have that hole.”

In fact, Muniz says, he’s always been a healthy guy. “I’m 31, I’ve never sipped alcohol, I’ve never ever touched a medicine or bring away a traction of a cigarette. The just thing I’ve felt to be stress. I’m a high-strung person. I similar to to constantly be moving. I’m not great at relaxing.”

Muniz states he provided up trying to gain answers, particularly because that hasn’t hindered his zest to try things. ~ Malcolm finished in 2006, that raced cars professionally for number of years before an altering direction and also playing drums in two different rock bands. He now manages one in his spare time and also hopes to return to acting.

“It’s not something i think about. I don’t go, ‘Oh male I’m really scared, ns really should know,'” Muniz claims of the TIAs. “I simply move forward.”

He’s equally as nonchalant about his absence of memory, like how he doesn’t mental the emotion of receiving his first Emmy nomination in 2001 because that his occupational on Malcolm. In fact, that’s the moment that DWTS want to emphasis on Monday as component of that “Most Memorable Year” theme. However Muniz was unable come play along due to the fact that he doesn’t remember much from those 6 years on the sitcom, lot less obtaining a nomination for the show.

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“They to be going come ask me those questions and I told them, ‘To it is in honest, ns don’t psychic going to the Emmys when I to be nominated.’ i don’t have any kind of stories or noþeles cool because that the package,” claims Muniz. “I don’t specifically remember gift nominated, or what ns felt, or what we did. My mommy told me we went to the dentist the day.”

Since Monday’s episode, Muniz states he’s received many messages from old friends wanting to inspect on his status. “It’s a weird thing for me due to the fact that I’m no sick,” claims Muniz, who counts on his mommy to to fill in the blanks from his childhood and a girlfriend who keeps a everyday diary. “I’m not looking for sympathy or anyone to care around it. This is my life and I’ve relocated forward. The doesn’t prevent me from being almost everywhere I desire to be. I’ve to be so lucky and fortunate in my life to be able to do all the points I’ve gained to do. I’ve literally had three dream jobs and also I’m still continuing. And now I’m dance on TV. I take into consideration myself to it is in in an exceptional place. Therefore it’s monster when world are like, ‘oh I’m sorry you room going with this yet in mine head I’m like, ‘I’m living pretty good.'”

“I don’t check out it as a negative,” Muniz continues. “I my life as 100 percent positive.”

Next Monday, Muniz and his companion Witney Carson will execute the Argentine tango throughout Disney Night top top Dancing v the Stars.