Long before Donald Trump ended up being the president, his life was significant by tragedy when his brother, Fred Trump, Jr., pass away. Fred to be the earliest Trump brothers and, follow to The Washington Post, was quite various from the president. "He was as much from Donald"s personality as you deserve to get," one of his fraternity brothers, Mel Bergstein, said the outlet.

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President trump himself has actually admitted that their differences led lock down different paths the would end up being a point of department in the family. If he was happy to follow in his father"s footsteps and also join the family real estate business, Fred ended up being a pilot — other the Trump family members didn"t give of.

"There to be a many tension in between not only the old man but likewise between him and also Donald," said one of Fred"s friends, Annamaria Forcier. "There was a many tension since they didn"t want him to it is in an airline pilot."

In spite of his family"s disapproval, Fred gone after his desires of flying, although a fight with alcoholism forced him to step down indigenous his project as a pilot in the 1970s as he knew flying would be as well dangerous. By the end of the decade, Fred to be divorced, living back in his parents" home, and working ~ above a maintenance crew for his dad (per The brand-new York Times). Once Trump married his first wife, Ivana, in 1977, Fred was his ideal man — miscellaneous his younger brother hoped would certainly be "a good thing because that him."

But Fred"s battle with alcoholism continued. He passed away in 1981 in ~ the period of 43 (some outlets report he to be 42), leaving a lasting impact on his family and the small brother that would one day end up being president.

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Trump would certainly later prosper to regret the press he placed on his brother, saying that he eventually learned to admire Fred"s elevation spirit. "He would have actually been an exceptional peacemaker if that didn"t have actually the problem, due to the fact that everybody loved him," that said. "He"s choose the opposite of me."

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Over the years, trumped has spoken out around his brother"s untimely death and his fight with alcoholism. Trump self doesn"t drink, smoke, or do drugs, a decision the was shame by the lose of his brother.

"He was a good guy, a handsome person," Trump told People in 2015. "He to be the life that the party. He was a terrific guy, but he acquired stuck top top alcohol. And it had a profound affect and ultimately became an alcoholic and died that alcoholism. He would tell me, "Don"t drink ever" He construed the trouble that the had and that it was a very hard problem."

Trump added, "He had actually a profound affect on mine life, due to the fact that you never know where you"re walk to end up. I"ve known so many civilization that to be so solid and so an effective they to be unable to stop drinking."