In 1993, Grace Under Fire join ABC"s stacked lineup that sitcoms starring popular comedians with distinct voices, such as Roseanne and Home Improvement.

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on this low-key, blue collar sitcom produced by chuck Lorre (The big Bang Theory, Two and also a fifty percent Men), sarcastic, quick-witted, Alabama-born stand-up Brett Butler illustrated Grace Kelly (no relationship to the Hollywood legend), a divorced, recovering alcoholic solitary mother elevating three kids in a little town in Missouri. An prompt smash hit, the show remained famous until it was abruptly canceled in 1998 amidst Butler"s slew of personal and expert problems. Here"s a bit of what Butler has actually been up to since.

Butler was reportedly tough to be around on the Grace Under Fire set. She combated with display brass so lot that the collection employed 5 executive producer in 5 years. For a February Sweeps "crossover" stunt, ABC sent out the casts that its Wednesday night sitcoms—Ellen, Coach, The attracted Carey Show, and also Grace Under Fire—to las Vegas. Butler refused to take the 45-minute flight from L.A. Come Vegas with the various other actors and demanded abc charter her a jet. ~ above one taping work in Sin City, she left cast and also crew waiting for an ext than 2 hours.

In 1996, butler publicly admitted that in addition to struggling with alcoholism, she also had an addiction to prescription painkillers. Those issues absolutely didn"t aid life in ~ Grace Under Fire. Butler checked out rehab more than once during the show"s run, with an respectable 1997 insignificant temporarily shutting down production. Soon after Butler returned to the display in January 1998, she "blew up," as an alphabet insider told E!. That was the last straw—the following day, alphabet suspended production on Grace Under Fire in the center of its fifth season, effectively canceling it. Butler later on took complete responsibility for the show"s demise, blaming her "failure to resolve my active addiction, by the I mean taking drugs nearly to the point of dying. That will end even the worst of shows."

In enhancement to all those other incidents, there"s one time in particular when Butler apparently went also far. She reportedly had an on-the-set habit of exposing her breasts (and other body parts) to co-workers ... Consisting of 12-year-old gibbs Jon Paul Steuer, that played her TV son, Quentin. Steuer"s parents traction him turn off the display in 1996, v the duty of Quentin recast v actor Sam Horrigan. The craziness the Grace Under Fire and Butler"s habits was Steuer"s last acting gig. The left show company altogether, moved to Portland, join a band, and opened a vegetable restaurant. Sadly, he died in January 2018 at period 33.

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After Grace Under Fire was canceled suddenly and mired in scandal, Brett Butler got the hell out the town. Exhausted of living life in the quick lane, as well as her own negative habits, servant left her Los Angeles mansion behind and wound up life on a farm yard in rural Georgia — v 15 pets. Unfortunately, before long, servant ran the end of money and also she had to take it refuge in a homeless shelter.

As the star the a smash struggle TV show, and also with a background as a stand-up comedian, Brett butler was a frequent and enjoyable guest ~ above late-night talk mirrors in the "90s. Butler"s appearances on those type of shows have actually grown more sporadic in the last decade or so, in component because she"s not as influential as she when was, but also perhaps since of one ugly occurrence that developed when she was a guest on The Late present with David Letterman in 1996. While stating the late Walt Disney, lovely founder of the company that own ABC, residence of Grace Under Fire, servant made a crass joke about Disney"s rumored anti-semitism. Despite not containing any kind of of the actual dirty indigenous one can"t speak on television, CBS bleeped the offending joke the end of the Late Show broadcast.

Today"s TV see is all around revivals. Old reflects are back with your old casts and brand-new episodes — Will & Grace, The X-Files, and also Twin Peaks have actually proven to it is in both lucrative for the networks and comforting because that viewers. USA do the efforts to gain a comparable revival heat going in the early 2000s: The cable network aimed come bring ago "70s-style detective shows. The gambit didn"t work. A brand-new Kojak starring Ving Rhames (Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction) lasted simply nine episodes. Then a remake of McCloud, the 1970-77 fish-out-of-water detective drama the starred Dennis Weaver together a really country brand-new Mexico deputy marshal functioning for the NYPD, was collection to star Brett Butler in she triumphant return to series television. McCloud was an alleged to debut in 2003 or 2004, however it never made come the air, and also neither walk another, unnamed present Butler was developing for USA around the same time.

Twenty years removed from the finish of Grace Under Fire, Butler has actually been dabbling in collection television again. Gone room the type of sitcoms that conquered the air throughout her heyday, for this reason she"s not doing those — however she"s showed she"s gained some dramatic chops come go in addition to the comic ones. In recent years, servant has had recurring roles on shows prefer the daytime soap The Young and the Restless, the night soap How to get Away with Murder, and HBO"s mind-bending The Leftovers.

Who to know what the future holds for Brett Butler? Well, she might. And also she could know what"s come come for the remainder of us, too. Butler insurance claims to have actually psychic abilities, i beg your pardon she says ended up being prominent and undeniable ~ she quit making use of drugs and alcohol. Butler isn"t maintaining her gift to herself: she website supplies fans a "one on one personalized spirituality Consultation." Via a personal phone conversation, Butler offers "unique insights" and "messages native the various other side" come those search answers indigenous the other realms. (A 30-minute session costs $50; all major credit cards are accepted.)

While it might seem favor Butler hit absent bottom as soon as ABC suddenly cancelled Grace Under Fire in early on 1998, she did, however that"s no the fifty percent of it. "All in one day, favor a negative country song, my husband left me, I gained fired, and he also gave my dog to my sister," servant told TV Guide.

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"And ns knew for certain it was anywhere I visited the lot to acquire my stuff and armed safety escorted me." 6 months later, butler says, she ultimately kicked her addiction to painkillers. As of 2013, she"s still clean and sober.