Grandma mar Duggar’s cause of death has to be revealed. The 78-year-old passed away of an inadvertently drowning, Us Weekly deserve to confirm.

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“Grandma Duggar has had actually two strokes end the critical year and also some other medical issues and it’s our knowledge that Grandma Duggar had actually slipped and fallen and also passed by the time her daughter uncovered her in the pool,” a rep because that the Duggar family solely told Us. “We’ve been really touched through the outpouring of assistance and more than a thousand people referred to her as America’s grandma i m sorry is a title we hadn’t also given her.”

The Washington county Coroner i get it Morris additionally confirmed the news: “Mary Duggar died of an accidental drowning in her swimming swimming pool at her home in Springdale, Arkansas, on June 9. It shows up she slipped and fell into the pool bring about her drowning.”


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The Duggar household announced Mary’s happen in a statement via Facebook.

“Mary Lester Duggar prospered up in Farmington, Arkansas and was married practically 50 years to J.L. (Jimmy Lee) Duggar who preceded her in death,” the explain read. “Mary found good joy in sharing her love because that Jesus and also her own story of just how at age 15 she inquiry Christ to forgive her for her sins. It was at that time she committed the rest of her life come live for Him, a appointment she maintained with devotion. She loved to share through others how they too could be forgiven of their sins, live a fulfilling life as a Christian, and one day spend eternity in heaven.”

The Duggars included that Mary, who operated as genuine estate broker and also owned good Neighbor Realty in Springdale, Arkansas, is “greatly loved and also will it is in missed so very much!”

“She lived a remarkable life as a monitor of Christ, a wife, a devoted mother, a loving mother-in-law, and also a much-loved grandmother,” the statement continued. “Proverbs 31:10-31 explains the building woman, without doubt she personified this beautiful verses through her life. We deeply evaluate your prayers for our family and also all that loved Mary throughout this time.”


Grandma mary Duggar on TLC’s ‘Counting On.’ TLC via YouTube

Several members the the Duggar family, consisting of Jill Dillard (née Duggar) required to social media to salary tribute to your grandmother.

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“My grandma died suddenly today! She was an impressive woman the God and such a an excellent example come so many!” she created alongside a photo of she sons, Israel, 4, and also Samuel, 23 months, sit on Mary’s lap. “Grandma, you are substantially missed through all that knew you! She to be a feisty, remarkable woman who constantly took the moment to talk about Jesus v everyone she knew! I know she was prepared to inspect outta here and get her brand-new body in heaven before the old one started giving her too much trouble! We miss out on you therefore much!! #maryduggar #rip #grandmaduggar #safeinthearmsofjesus.”

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