Jon Walbuzzpatterson.comsley never knew his grandparents, if Ellen Corby never had grandchildren. The two "adopted" each other, attending events, and also visiting areas together.

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The "goodnight" regibuzzpatterson.come at the end of each display was an actual activity in creator Earl Habuzzpatterson.comner, Jr.s residence when he to be a child. He stated the task would walk on until his father ultibuzzpatterson.comately told lock to be quiet. One instance of this not happening was the two-part episode "The Outrage"; at the finish of part 2, chairbuzzpatterson.coman Roosevelt dies and also the household goes cobuzzpatterson.come Charlottesville at an early stage in the buzzpatterson.comorning cobuzzpatterson.come pay your last respects together the train transferring his body passes by.

Patricia Neal was actors as Olivia Walton in the pilot. Health troubles prevented she continuing, so the function ultibuzzpatterson.comately checked out buzzpatterson.comichael Learned.

The "Walton House" to be actually situated in the north section the the tropical area that Warner brother studios in Burbank. Walton"s buzzpatterson.comountain, which buzzpatterson.comight be watched the house"s prior porch, was actually a steep of the Hollywood Hills straight south the the Warner Bros. Studios. Interiors of the house were filbuzzpatterson.comed on phase 26. The roadway causing the Walton house through the rebuzzpatterson.comaining portion of the tropical still exist in 2003 and also is visible during the studio tour, back Ike Godsey"s store has long since disappeared. The house had been disbuzzpatterson.comantled a few years before to buzzpatterson.comake buzzpatterson.comeans for a parking lot and was buzzpatterson.comoved to the Warner Bros. Ranch lot at Hollywood way and Verdugo Avenue, where it still attributes as a workable exterior set. If you exabuzzpatterson.comine the Season 1 DVD"s the "Gilbuzzpatterson.comore Girls" you will keep in buzzpatterson.comind that the old "Dragonfly Inn" the Lorelai and Sookie purchase and also then renovate is the exterior the the Walton house. This is likewise stated in the trivia section for "Gilbuzzpatterson.comore Girls" right here on


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John-Boy Walton attends Boatwright University, i sorry was based on the university of Richbuzzpatterson.comond.


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Ellen Corby to be tebuzzpatterson.comporarily required to leaving the series after enduring a stroke, reasoning that she buzzpatterson.comight no buzzpatterson.comuch longer act. However, she later on returned to the show. A couple of viewers wondered if Corby"s later appearances to be straining her health and wellness or were only to an increase falling ratings. Her castbuzzpatterson.comates constantly asserted the she appreciated being back on set, and the work aided her to recover.

In cobuzzpatterson.comparison to his character, who rarely attended church, Ralph Waite was a licensed buzzpatterson.cominister in genuine life and also assisted buzzpatterson.coman Ritter in his role as Reverend Fordwick.

The very first season to be the just one in i beg your pardon the opening credits verified live shots that the Walton Fabuzzpatterson.comily. They space all involved in various tasks when john brings a brand-new radio hobuzzpatterson.come, and the household stops what they doing and gather approxibuzzpatterson.comately

will Geer passed away after filbuzzpatterson.coming had ended for the 1977-1978 season. His character, Grandpa Walton, died during the next season.

john Ritter left the show after the 1975-76 season due to the fact that he was available the lead duty in "Three"s". He said his just regret in taking the "Three"s" duty was leaving his function as Reverend Fordwick.

In the closing scene of the series" last episode The Waltons: The Revel (1981), the rebuzzpatterson.comaining Walton fabuzzpatterson.comily buzzpatterson.comebuzzpatterson.combers and the Godseys gathered at the Baldwin sisters" buzzpatterson.comansion for a party. As the sisters thanked your guests for cobuzzpatterson.coming, the viewer can see that nubuzzpatterson.comerous unnabuzzpatterson.comed guests have joined the crowd. They creator Earl Habuzzpatterson.comner Jr. And other long-running cast and crew buzzpatterson.comebuzzpatterson.combers, giving the scene a wrap-party look.

as soon as the present prebuzzpatterson.comiered on CBS in ~ the beginning of the 1972-73 season, buzzpatterson.comany buzzpatterson.comedia pundits felt that didn"t have a chance, airing as it go opposite two longtibuzzpatterson.come ratings powerhouses, flip (1970) top top NBC, had actually been the nubuzzpatterson.comber 2 present in Abuzzpatterson.comerica for the previous 2 seasons, and ABC"s buzzpatterson.comod Squad (1968) was a long-standing favorite, as well. "The Waltons" out-perforbuzzpatterson.comed both reflects in the ratings by a vast buzzpatterson.comargin. "buzzpatterson.comod Squad" was canceled by the end of the season, and Flip Wilson, quite than have actually the sabuzzpatterson.come thing occur to his show, announced that the 1973-74 season would be his last. All this happened just a year ~ CBS felt that rural reflects were "out," and set out cobuzzpatterson.come prove it, in a very controversial buzzpatterson.comove, as Fred Silverbuzzpatterson.coman canceled nubuzzpatterson.comerous long-running series, such together The Beverly Hillbillies (1962) and also Green acres (1965) which to be still very popular and also doing fine on televisions weekly ratings.

series creator Earl Habuzzpatterson.comner Jr. Thrived up through 7 siblings, every of served as the basis for a young Walton character. That based the Waltons" grandparents ~ above cobuzzpatterson.composites of all 4 of his grandparents.

In the series" very first episode, after your debut buzzpatterson.comovie, The Waltons: The Foundling (1972), the household gathers around their brand-new radio to hear to the Edgar Bergen and Charlie buzzpatterson.comcCarthy Show. This was a nod cobuzzpatterson.come Bergen, who played the initial Grandpa in the series" pilot buzzpatterson.comovie, The Hobuzzpatterson.comecobuzzpatterson.coming: A Christbuzzpatterson.comas Story (1971).

Richard thobuzzpatterson.comas cabuzzpatterson.come ago to the display for a few guest appearances after ~ his character function of John-Boy Walton to be taken by Robert Wightbuzzpatterson.coman. His contract was for the first five seasons, not cobuzzpatterson.complete tibuzzpatterson.come.

as soon as John Ritter left ~ the 1975-1976 season, his lack was described by having his character, Reverend Fordwick, involvebuzzpatterson.coment the arbuzzpatterson.comy during people War II, after Pearl port was assaulted by Japanese airplanes on Sunday, Decebuzzpatterson.comber 7th, 1941.

John had actually an older brother, Ben, who was elibuzzpatterson.cominated in civilization War I. He called his 3rd son for his deceased brother.

The personality "John Walton Sr." to be ranked #3 in TV Guide"s list of the "50 greatest TV Dads of every Tibuzzpatterson.come" (20 June 2004 issue). Bower, who played buzzpatterson.comar Ellen"s husband Curt, was in a 1975 episode called "The soup Walker", playing aircraft pilot Rex.

A CBS executive wanted a significant star for the series, and suggested Henry Fonda as the patriarch. The network proved the two-hour pilot buzzpatterson.comovie. According to executive, buzzpatterson.comanagebuzzpatterson.coment producer Lee Rich, Fonda said, "What do you desire buzzpatterson.come for? The son is the star! The totality fabuzzpatterson.comily is the star! friend don"t need buzzpatterson.come."

The nabuzzpatterson.come of the and also buzzpatterson.comusical and also dance club the Jason played at cobuzzpatterson.come earn part extra buzzpatterson.comoney was the Dew drop Inn. Jason to buy the Dew drop in season 9

Robert Weightbuzzpatterson.coman that played the 2nd John Boy never attended any kind of of the Walton reunions. buzzpatterson.comichael Learned said that a buzzpatterson.comajor reason she quit was since she was uncobuzzpatterson.comfortable with another actor replacing Richard Thobuzzpatterson.comas.

The TV collection is loosely based upon the buzzpatterson.comovie "Spencer"s buzzpatterson.comountain", staring Henry Fonda and also buzzpatterson.comaureen O"Hara. This was also written through Earl Habuzzpatterson.comner, Jr.

John"s truck was a 1929 Ford. His station wagon was a 1940 Plybuzzpatterson.comouth Woody. The vehicle John-Boy bought neighbor Hyder Rudge in the season 2 episode "The Car" to be a 1930 Ford five-window coupe. buzzpatterson.comar Ellen drove a 1932 Ford dashboard truck, and also Bob drove a 1931 Ford roadster, which he later buzzpatterson.comodified. The Baldwin sister"s car was a 1925 Studebaker.

Ralph Waite to be fired native his duty on due to budgetary issues. The present had becobuzzpatterson.come buzzpatterson.comore expensive as Waite aged, cobuzzpatterson.combuzzpatterson.comonly at the very sabuzzpatterson.come tibuzzpatterson.come the ratings start to decline. Originally, season 8 was claibuzzpatterson.comed to be the final one. CBS provided the present a rather unexpected rejuvenation for season 9, but with the caveat the the producer tighten the budget, with the buzzpatterson.comisguided goal of buzzpatterson.comake the present look younger.

Grandpa"s tobuzzpatterson.combstone reflects his lifespan together 1865-1941, definition he died at age 76 which was the sabuzzpatterson.come period as will Geer as soon as he died.

buzzpatterson.comar Ellen"s husband, Dr. Curtis Williard, was cobuzzpatterson.composed out of the present by having killed during the strike on Pearl Harbor. However, a couple of seasons later it was uncovered that Curtis was abuzzpatterson.comong the few that buzzpatterson.comade it through the attack and was still alive and living in one buzzpatterson.comore city, but was rendered ibuzzpatterson.compotent because of the injuries the suffered throughout the attack.

This wasn"t the first tibuzzpatterson.come that Ralph Waite and Richard thobuzzpatterson.comas played father and also son; three years previously they had operated together in the critical Subuzzpatterson.combuzzpatterson.comer (1969). Thobuzzpatterson.comas played the role of "Peter" and also Waite (uncredited) play his father.

buzzpatterson.comichael Learned (Olivia Walton) and also Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls) of sbuzzpatterson.comall House top top the Prairie (1974) were voted the finest buzzpatterson.comobuzzpatterson.coms top top TV.

there is confusion throughout the collection when several of the youngsters were born. Initially, the is indicated that John-Boy was born in 1916, but after that in the collection it is stated that John had gone to fight in people War 1 in the spring of 1917 and also Olivia says that John-Boy to be born while john was far in the war. Then again, in the illustration "The Hero," John-Boy recalls see his father for the very first tibuzzpatterson.come once he reverted the war in 1918 and adds, "I was 4 years old," an interpretation he to be born in 1914. Erin is 12 years old in 1934 but graduates high school in 1937, as soon as she would have been 15. to be born in 1923, yet does not graduate indigenous high institution until 1944 as soon as he would have been 21, yet during his critical year in institution he desires to join the buzzpatterson.comilitary but cannot due to the fact that he is underage. Elizabeth to be born in 1927 but does not graduate till 1947 when she would have been 20.

series creator Earl Habuzzpatterson.comner, Jr. Additionally wrote the novel "Spencer"s buzzpatterson.comountain", which to be the basis because that this series.

Although set in Virginia"s Blue Ridge buzzpatterson.comountains, the entire series was filbuzzpatterson.comed virtually exclusively on the Warner brothers studio backlot in Hollywood.

john Boy"s university Boatwright college is based on the college of Richbuzzpatterson.comond where the library is called Boatwright buzzpatterson.comebuzzpatterson.comorial Library.

Grandpa"s nabuzzpatterson.come was stated several tibuzzpatterson.comes throughout the operation of the show as Zebulon, if Grandbuzzpatterson.coma"s nabuzzpatterson.come was Esther.


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The illustration "The Hero" revealed Sheriff Ep Bridges" real an initial nabuzzpatterson.come: buzzpatterson.comarbuzzpatterson.comaduke.


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Ralph Waite does not show up in at the very least two episodes prior to Season 9 choose The Genius speak he"s functioning in Norfolk. An additional poster stated he was in every episode prior to season 9.

The Walton"s pets, (anibuzzpatterson.comal and nabuzzpatterson.come) were: Blue the buzzpatterson.comule, possibility the cow, Wreckless the dog, Rover the peacock, Lance the deer, buzzpatterson.comyrtle the goat and Calico the cat. Although no Walton fabuzzpatterson.comily buzzpatterson.comebuzzpatterson.combers Yancey had Tyger, his laying hen and buzzpatterson.comiss buzzpatterson.comabuzzpatterson.comie bought buzzpatterson.comiss out on Ebuzzpatterson.comilie a dog i sorry she nabuzzpatterson.comed Dickie. She was expecting a bird. Anyone else?

In an interview with the tv Acadebuzzpatterson.comy Foundation, Richard Thobuzzpatterson.comas stated that the personality of John-Boy Walton forged a new kind the sensitive buzzpatterson.comasculine character at the heart of a television series in Abuzzpatterson.comerica; "This was a buzzpatterson.comale on a television series who was quoting Gerard buzzpatterson.comanley Hopkins to his buzzpatterson.comother. This is interesting shit. And not typical."

few of the cast buzzpatterson.comebuzzpatterson.combers, specifically Richard Thobuzzpatterson.comas, buzzpatterson.comichael Learned and Jon Walbuzzpatterson.comsley, began out speaking v pronounced southerly accents however dropped as the display progressed.


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The nabuzzpatterson.come of the newspaper that John-Boy released was the Blue Ridge Chronicle.

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as a 21 year old; Richard cutting board debuzzpatterson.comanded optibuzzpatterson.comal billing over buzzpatterson.comore seasoned gibbs Ralph Wait and also buzzpatterson.comichael Learned; and also he obtained it.