Abbott has been paralyzed native the waist down since 1984, when a tree crashed down on the while he to be jogging.

by Davis affluent Sept. 27, 2019 Updated: 7 PM central


Travis county Judge sarah Eckhardt claimed Gov. Greg Abbott "hates trees because one fell on him" Friday at The Texas Tribune Festival. Credit: cutting board Meredith for The Texas Tribune
Travis ar Judge sarah Eckhardt apologized so late Friday because that saying Gov. Greg Abbott “hates trees since one dropped on him" during a panel discussion at The Texas Tribune Festival.

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A reporter from The Federalist, john Daniel Davidson, first reported the comment in a tweet. Davidson added that the crowd laughed after ~ Eckhardt"s comments, which were made in the paper definition of the Texas legislature overriding neighborhood ordinances like Austin"s tree ordinance.

JudgeEckhardt, talking about #txlege overriding regional ordinances like Austin’s tree ordinance, claims Gov. Abbott “hates trees because one dropped on him.” The group laughs.

— man Daniel Davidson (
"In mine panel today at the Texas Tribune Festival ~ above "Public Enragement" ns spoke around the prestige of being able to disagree without gift disagreeable. Then I said something disagreeable," Eckhardt said in statement late Friday. "I want to to apologize to branch Abbott. I made a flippant comment the was inappropriate. The comment walk nothing to additional the controversy I to be participating in, lot less more the political discourse in our community, state, and nation. When the Governor and I disagree on a variety of issues, the is no excuse to it is in disagreeable."

A spokesman because that Abbott can not instantly be reached for comment late Friday.

Travis ar Republican Chairman Matt Mackowiak called Eckhardt"s comment "disgusting" in a statement so late Friday.

"Judge Eckhardt supposedly believes that his special needs is open to ridicule if it help her do a political argument. This hoax represents a profound lack of compassion from referee Eckhardt," Mackiowak said.

"There is no place for insulting Americans v disabilities and also Judge Eckhardt should recognize better.”

Abbott was 26 as soon as he to be paralyzed by a falling oak tree while he to be jogging in Houston ~ above a windy day in July 1984. The accident left Abbott, who provides a wheelchair, paralyzed native the belt down.

The following year, he sued the homeowner who tree dropped on him and the tree service agency that had actually inspected it before it crashed down on him.

He received a multimillion-dollar lawsuit commitment that the told The Texas Tribune in 2013 permits him to attend to the health and also mobility difficulties every paraplegic have to confront. Throughout his initial run for governor, he told the Tribune the he would certainly gladly offer the money ago if he could regain the usage of his legs.

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“Money doesn’t heal anything. Money doesn’t allow me come walk. The doesn’t permit me come dance v my wife. It doesn’t permit me to choose up my daughter. It doesn’t allow me to walk mine daughter down the aisle when she it s okay married,” Abbott claimed in 2013. “If you could name the human being I can write the examine to, I’d send all this money right earlier if I might walk again.”

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