Due to the lockdown duration thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Greg Gutfeld got the chance to shed some the his weight.

Lockdowns placed due come the COVID-19 pandemic have caused chaos in plenty of people"s lives. In contrast, some have had actually time come reflect on personal matters— family, future career, fitness et cetera. American television host Greg Gutfeld did the same. He concentrated on continuing to be fit and shedding weight.

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While act so, he adhered to diet plans, cycled in ~ home, and also eventually shed a same amount that weight. However was his weight loss journey as easy as it sound to be? Let"s discover out!

Greg Gutfeld has actually Been Trying to lose Weight because that a while Now

Gutfeld, the previous editor-in-chief of Men’s health and wellness magazine, specialized a reasonable quantity of time to lose weight during the quarantine period. However, it was not the very first time that he to be concerned about his weight. On august 14, 2015, the media personality shared a short article on Facebook through the subtitle “I gotta shed some load in my fat face.” However, ~ that, there were no to update if he was functioning on losing weight or not. Nonetheless, the present fitness editor for prevention magazine to be quietly following fitness plans and eating diet foods. For instance, ~ above June 6, 2018, he provided his Instagram manage to share a snapshot of environment-friendly fruits and vegetables that he had been eating.Later, as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Gutfeld totally shifted his focus on making himself fit and healthy. However, as all of the gyms were closed, he installed a Bike apparatus in his own house and began cycling, and followed diet plans. Thanks to his sheer dedication, he shed a healthy and balanced amount the weight. On march 12, 2020, he tweeted a post and revealed that he had actually lost 15 pounds altogether due to the fact that the pandemic started.

5:55 pm · Mar 12, 2020
In July 2021, Gutfeld common a photo on his Instagram v his dog. In the post, that looks leaner and also fitter than ever.
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A Look in ~ Greg Gutfeld’s job Journey

A top-rated American television personality, Greg Gutfeld began his career as an average joe would.
He kickstarted his journey in media together a staff writer at prevention magazine. After ~ that, he served as editor-in-chief in ~ Men’s health magazine, Stuff magazine, and also Maxim magazine. In 2007, he moved from print to television and also joined the FOX News channel team wherein he was initially handed the obligation of hosting his own program licensed has been granted Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

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In the stated show, he covered numerous topics ranging from entertainment and sports come breaking news. Complying with his success on TV, the went ~ above to organize other shows, consisting of The Five and The Greg Gutfeld show on the Fox News Channel. A fan of difficult rock and heavy steel music, Gutfeld continues to do the viewers laugh through his parodic ways, not just on a TV display screen but additionally on his Instagram account.

"The Five"

One of The Five"s Co-host, Juan Williams, announced in may of 2021 that he wouldn"t be appearing on the show anymore. Williams was frequently regarded together the lone "liberal" ~ above the show and treated a bit rough by the duo of conservative co-hosts Gutfeld and Jesse Watters.The official reason because that his departure was cited together an worry with the present going ago to in-studio recording. Williams quote COVID-19 as among the factors as well. He will however continue to job-related at the Fox Studio in Washington, D.C. As a political analyst. However, the real reason for his sudden leave was the continuous back-and-forth through his co-hosts turning an individual and affecting off-screen relationships between all the next involved. That is in ~ least, what an ex-Fox News producer said the everyday Beast. Lock iterated the they were "very confident" Gutfeld had actually something to execute with Williams"s exit.