In the latest episode the Hulu"s The Act, Gypsy Rose and Nick Godejohn murdered Gypsy"s mother Dee Dee. In actual life, Gypsy and Godejohn left behind tons of hints that led investigators to capture them and also arrest them five days later. The authorities cracked the case by tracing a suspicious facebook message back to Godejohn"s computer.

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If you"ve been watching (read: i heard with) Hulu"s latest show The Act, climate you understand it stars Patricia Arquette and Joey King together the real-life mother-daughter duo Dee Dee Blanchard and Gypsy increased Blanchard. While their story is gift dramatized for TV now, Gypsy Rose first made headlines in 2015 as soon as she and also her ex-boyfriend Nick Godejohn were captured for murdering Dee Dee.


Just in instance you let go it, the true story leading approximately Dee Dee"s murder is intense: Dee Dee suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy (recently change the name factitious disorder enforced on another, or FDIA), a mental health and wellness disorder wherein a caregiver fabricates or causes an illness or injury to a human under their care for attention and sympathy, frequently subjecting the victim to unnecessary medical treatments. That"s exactly what she did come Gypsy Rose, informing her—and the remainder of the world—that she had actually a plethora of illnesses, from leukemia, asthma, vision and also hearing impairments to muscular dystrophy and epilepsy.

Gypsy Rose dealt with her mom"s FDIA for many of she life, yet eventually decided to ask she then-boyfriend Godejohn to stab Dee Dee to death (she"s at this time serving a 10-year sentence and recently got engaged to a various man she met through a prison pen pal program).

Here"s everything you have to know about "The Act":

But Gypsy and Godejohn were no smooth criminals, follow to investigators. Apparently, lock left a super-obvious follow of receipts, surveillance camera footage, and Greyhound bus tickets. "This is prefer a crime I call "Hansel and Gretel," where you fall the ideas along the way as friend go," said former FBI agent Brad Garrett in an 20/20 interview. "They couldn"t have laid it out better for the police."

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In the many recent episode of The Act, Nick murdered Dee Dee (using a fishing knife), and also then the two of them stayed in a regional motel room for a couple of days prior to taking a Greyhound bus come Wisconsin prior to getting caught—which only lasted five days IRL.

But simply last year, Gypsy Rose likewise opened up around her and also Godejohn"s exact setup to police, every the Springfield News-Leader. Here"s how it go down:The couple planned Dee Dee"s murder because that a year. Godejohn (who lived in Wisconsin at the time), traveled to Springfield, Missouri whereby Gypsy Rose and also her mom lived on June 8, 2015. That chilled for 2 days at a nearby Days Inn, and then ~ above June 10, 2015, the stabbed Dee Dee to fatality while Gypsy climbed was in the bathroom. Before leaving the scene of the crime, the pair had sex top top Gypsy"s bed, follow to 20/20.

They then planned to leaving for Wisconsin after ~ a pair days. After showing up there top top June 13, 2015, Gypsy climbed posted a bizarre blog post on Dee Dee"s facebook account that read "That Bitch is dead!" Apparently, Gypsy climbed wanted to scare people into reasoning that Dee Dee had been killed, and that she had actually been kidnapped. "I open minded didn’t think us were gonna acquire caught," Gypsy stated in that very same 20/20 interview.

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But that was the start of the finish for this wannabe Bonnie and also Clyde. When human being saw the post, several of Dee Dee"s concerned neighbors alerted authorities, that then uncovered her human body on June 14, 2015. Law enforcement traced the Facebook blog post to Godejohn"s residence the next day and arrested Gypsy and also Godejohn in connection with the murder. Both ultimately confessed come Dee Dee"s murder, and Godejohn is now serving life in jail for it.

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