What The '13 factors Why' were In 13 reasons Why 13 factors Why initially explores the suicide of Hannah Baker and also what contributed to the decision. Here"s everything noted on her well known tapes.

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Netflix"s 13 factors Why initially told the story that Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) and also the titular 13 factors she made decision to take it her own life. The young adult series concluded that is fourth and final season in early on June 2020. Certification Dylan Minnette together Clay Jensen, 13 reasons Why season 4 followed him and also his friends as they ready for graduation from Liberty High. The forthcoming alters in their lives, however, were made every the tenser by the mystery that they"d covered up: the truth of who really murdered Bryce Walker.

Originally, however, 13 factors Why was based on the book of the very same name by Jay Asher. Choose the book, the show appeared to tell a self-contained story that Hannah Baker - exploring the lead-up to and also direct aftermath of her suicide. Through the city still mourning the tragedy, Clay receive a collection of cassette tapes top top his doorstep. Together he begins to listen to them, the realizes the they duty as an audio suicide note. Split into 7 tapes, both sides of each corresponded to a details person and a details event.

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Though 13 reasons Why has actually suffered increasingly much more backlash and criticism over the years, season 1 to be met with vital acclaim. Defined as powerful and hard-hitting, the show explored some dark and also serious topic matter, including bullying, medicine abuse, and also sexual assault. Despite the infamous scene wherein Hannah in reality takes she life was reputed gratuitous and subsequently eliminated by the streaming service, 13 factors Why season 1 chin was, indigenous the outset, praised because that shining a irradiate on an ext sensitive topics adolescents face today. Here"s a break down of everything Hannah Baker listed as factors for her fateful decision on every of her tapes.

In 13 factors Why season 1, episode 1, "Tape 1, side A," both Clay and also the audience listen the story of Hannah"s first kiss. Brand-new in town, her girlfriend Kat litter a party in Hannah"s respect so she can meet people. Unfortunately, one of the civilization she meets is Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn). Immediately occurring a to like on him, Hannah at some point agrees come a day after the pair bonded. When in a park ~ dark, Justin takes a photograph as she came under the slide. They then share a kiss. The following day, however, Justin succumbs to peer pressure and shows around the photograph he"d taken, which includes a glimpse under Hannah"s skirt. Simultaneously, Justin suggests that much more sexual exploits than a kiss had taken place. Together such, not just was a special an initial in Hannah"s life tainted, yet her entire reputation to be damaged through the deceitful rumor.

13 factors Why season 1, illustration 2, "Tape 1, next B" concentrated on Jessica (Alisha Boe). As a fellow newcomer to town, Hannah and also Jessica quickly ended up being friends. Before long the duo became a trio as soon as they met Alex (Miles Heizer), forming the "FML Club." Sadly, though, points sour once Alex and Jessica start dating. As a couple, they start ignoring and also distancing themselves from Hannah, leaving her isolated. Worse came still when they damaged up, with Jessica erroneously blaming Hannah and bitterly scorning her further. Believing that Alex must have cheated through Hannah, Jessica slaps her and calls she a slut. Hannah explains the minute as having damaged her heart.

13 reasons Why season 1, illustration 3, "Tape 2, next A" focused on Alex Standall. Hannah reveals the Alex had contributed to something recognized as "The warm List." The offending record originated with the jocks and circulated roughly the school. In an effort to bond v the renowned elite, Alex to add the part "Best and also Worst Ass." Under the former, he names Hannah and also under the last he name Jessica. Alex did for this reason not since of his real opinion yet to spite Jessica because that not having sex v him. The act offered to spark Jessica"s aggression towards Hannah and also furthered the tarnished reputation the originated with Justin"s lie. The latter came in the type of increasingly unwelcome attention from male students - most notably when Bryce walker (Justin Prentice) groped her at the local store.

In 13 factors Why season 1, episode 4, "Tape 2, side B," Hannah Baker had actually once been stalked. She reveals the the culprit was Tyler under (Devin Druid). The socially-awkward photographer emerged a crush on Hannah after ~ she was sort to him. Unable to express his feel healthily, however, he resorts to complying with her and also taking photos without she permission. Among the image he caught was that a kiss between her and also Courtney (Michele Selene Ang), fuelled by alcohol and also a game of truth or Dare. As soon as confronted, Tyler asks Hannah out on a date, which she angrily rebuffs. In his petulant rage, Tyler leaks the photo roughly the school. Though couple of people to be able to recognize the subjects of the photo, that left Hannah even much more depressed and anxious, and also ended any chance in ~ friendship through Courtney.

13 reasons Why season 1, episode 5, "Tape 3, side A" explored the direct aftermath of Tyler leaking the photo. Due to being adopted and elevated by a gay couple, Courtney was fearful the the false implicitly her own lesbianism would provoke. As a result, Courtney distanced it s her from Hannah to avoid anybody from linking them come each other or the photo. Unfortunately, Monty de la Cruz (Timothy Granaderos) deduced the truth. When confronted, Courtney crafts a internet of lies the played right into the rumors currently circulating around Hannah. She claims that it was Hannah and another girl, the Hannah enjoys threesomes, and also that everything about her and Justin to be true. As a result, not just is Hannah distraught by another potential friend"s betrayal, but she is immediately beset by further unwanted developments and harassment.

The subject of 13 reasons Why season 1, illustration 6, "Tape 3, next B" is Marcus Cole (Steven Silver). Despite outwardly showing up to be a model student, Marcus is revealed by Hannah come have added to she harassment. At very first coming across like a quite guy, that arranges a date with Hannah for Valentine"s Day. However, he turns up late and alongside an entourage of jocks. As they watch from a various table, Marcus becomes more and an ext sleazy in his approach. ~ moving roughly to her side of the table, he stubborn in emotional her inappropriately. Furthermore, he snaps angrily as soon as she at some point rebuffs him. Bitter the she defies his id that Hannah is straightforward prey, Marcus goes on come preemptively taint Hannah"s reputation more to try to keep his own.

13 factors Why season 1, illustration 7, "Tape 4, side A" was centered on Zach Dempsey (Ross Butler). Zach was among the athletes in attendance for Marcus and Hannah"s disastrous date. Unlike the others, however, that reaches out and tries to console her. Hannah appreciated the sentiment, and the two bond. Unfortunately, things go wrong when Zach expresses a romantic interest. Quiet sore from everything that had actually happened v others, Hannah feels insulted and frustrated by yet one more advance. After being publicly rebuked, Zach retaliated by stealing cost-free notes (secretly composed by Clay) the Hannah had been receiving in English class. Hannah explained those notes as a "lifeline" between her enhancing depression, and the theft served as a fresh and especially hurtful betrayal.

In 13 factors Why season 1, episode 8, "Tape 4, next B," Hannah attempted to channel her pain right into poetry. ~ joining a club, she becomes friendly through Ryan Shaver (Tommy Dorfman), who offered as editor of the college newspaper. He motivates her creative outlet and also helps her uncover the courage to check out them out in their group. Ryan goes a step too far, however, as soon as Hannah refuses to let the publish among her pieces. Instead of accepting she decision, he steals the poem from her and also published it anyway. Hannah"s embarrassment and also betrayal that trust is exacerbated through the city being check out out in class. Though it was significant as anonymous, Hannah sees signs that Marcus and Courtney, amongst others, figure the end the truth and are ridiculing she over it. On the tape, Hannah explains the theft together what ultimately broke her spirit.

points took an even more serious turn in 13 reasons Why season 1, illustration 9, "Tape 5, side A." for the 2nd time, Justin Foley is provided as one of Hannah"s reasons. On the recording, Hannah recounts the events of a party. Having been in a room alone and also preparing to leave, Hannah had actually hidden in a closet once a couple entered. The couple is revealed to it is in Justin and also Jessica. ~ laying she down, Justin left just to be met through Bryce - that asserts that he should be enabled in the room. After Justin acquiesces, Bryce rapes a mostly unconscious Jessica. Though Justin at some point makes one ill-fated effort to prevent him, Hannah blames Justin for enabling Bryce entry in the very first place and also not doing more to safeguard Jessica. Hannah likewise conveys that she felt her very own share that guilt for having actually been too scared to come out of she hiding place.

The subject of 13 reasons Why season 1, episode 10, "Tape 5, side B" is revealed to it is in Sheri Holland (Ajiona Alexus). After ~ witnessing the traumatic sexual attack of Jessica, a distraught Hannah is readily available a lift residence by Sheri. Much more tragedy ensues, however, after a distracted Sheri knocks down a prevent sign. Despite Hannah remains adamant the they should speak to someone or carry out something, Sheri succumbs to fear of gaining in trouble v the police. Together a result, she merely drives far and leaves Hannah stranded. When Hannah sought a phone to report the incident, it is revealed the the sign being damaged had caused a automobile crash. The accident costs Clay"s friend, Jeff Atkins, his life. Jeff is likewise posthumously blamed because that the crash, falsely decreed to have been driving under the influence.

After wait all season long, Clay Jensen ultimately learns just how he fit into Hannah"s suicide throughout 13 factors Why season 1, illustration 11, "Tape 6, next A." It"s revealed in this episode that Clay is the factor Hannah had remained in Jessica"s room in ~ the party. Having gone to the occasion together and grown closer, they visited the bedroom to escape the crowd. Though they initially start taking their relationship to the next level, Hannah at some point has a breakdown caused by the trauma she"d suffered throughout the season therefore far. In she distress, she yells in ~ Clay come leave. Confused and scared, Clay does as she demanded. Hannah says on the tape the a component of her had actually wanted Clay to stay, but that she doesn"t reference him for leaving. Equally, Hannah said that Clay didn"t worthy to be on the list choose the others, however that he needed to be there because he was part of her story. Clay, however, couldn"t assist but take part level of obligation - believing the his decision to leaving is what resulted in the subsequent occasions of Jessica"s rape and Jeff"s death.

though the tapes never ever actually do it come him until later on seasons, the despicable Bryce walker was the subject of 13 reasons Why season 1, episode 12, "Tape 6, next B." having lost the earnings from her parent"s store, one ever-more depressed and despondent Hannah uncovered herself wandering the streets. Hear commotion coming from a surrounding house, Hannah ended up venturing right into a party. Despite initially gaining into a hot bath tub with previous friend Jessica and others, Hannah was eventually left alone with Bryce. Hannah attempted to leave, just for the dangerous jock to prevent her indigenous doing so. Together Hannah detailed, Bryce pedestrian went on to rape her together he had Jessica and several various other female students.

The last name ~ above Hannah"s perform was revealed to be Mr. Kevin Porter in 13 factors Why season 1, episode 13, "Tape 7, side A". Played by Derek Luke, Mr. Porter offered as the accuse counselor in ~ Liberty High. Despite Hannah had currently resolved the she was going to take it her own life, she wanted to in ~ least shot and reach the end for help one critical time. To the end, she made a visit to Porter"s office. Unfortunately, as well as being repeatedly distracted by his phone, he provides a succession of dismissive advice. Even when Hannah references her sex-related assault, Mr. Porter merely suggests that the ideal option could just it is in to forget it and also move on. Upon leaving his office, Hannah summary waits because that him come make any type of kind the extra effort. He never ever does.

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Even together the display tried to relocate away right into new central stories, the ghost that Hannah Baker ongoing to hang over the proceedings; a vision the Hannah even appeared in season 4. In the time because season 1, number of of the characters listed by Hannah had made conscious efforts come atone and be better people. The bulk of them commemorated graduation through letting walk of the past and also ceremoniously burying Hannah"s tapes external of town, vowing to stay the for sure and an ext supportive friends the Hannah"s tragedy and the events of 13 reasons Why had actually turned castle into.