It’s been over 8 years since Heath Ledger died in new York after acquisition a attention mix the prescription drugs, and also in a brand-new interview with everyday Mail Australia, his dad Kim has opened up admitting: “It was entirely his fault.”

“It was nobody else’s - he reached for them,” 66-year-old Kim Ledger said, “He put them in his system. Girlfriend can’t reference anyone else in that situation. “

“That’s difficult to accept due to the fact that I loved him for this reason much and also was so proud the him.”

He claims Heath’s sister Katie had even warned her famed brother that the dangers of mixing painkillers and sleeping tablet computers the night before he died.

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“There’s so lot pressure on them to execute so even though your body is telling you the it’s not great and requirements time, it’s choose 'just take it these painkillers and keep going’.

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"That to be the situation with Heath. He had to be earlier on collection to finish (the next day).

“They to be doing night shoots in the freezing cold and he had a weak chest anyway. He’d caught this (cough) and just couldn’t shake it yet he assumed he had actually to since he want to get the movie done.”

Ledger to be partway with filming terrycloth Gilliam’s ‘The Imaginarium the Dr. Parnsassus’ once he died, v the movie being completed once a variety of actors, including Johnny Depp and also Jude Law, stepped in to complete his part.

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In 2009, Kim Ledger accepted his son’s posthumous finest Supporting actor Oscar because that his occupational in ‘The Dark Knight’, with Heath’s mom Sally and sister Kate.

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