As lot as fans can want your favorite mirrors to run forever, all good things must pertained to an end, a truth that"s specifically true for network sitcoms. And also after nine seasons and nine years, How ns Met your Mother, produced by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, closed out its run on CBS in 2014 (after premiering in 2005), lastly solving a television mystery that it is long for nearly a full decade.

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For nine years, Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan), Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel), and Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) navigated life and also love in brand-new York City, every one of which was collection within the bigger story of just how Ted met the mommy of his children. However, the show"s collection finale stirred up part serious debate after years of buildup as soon as it aired in the feather of 2015, therefore we"re here to tell friend why HIMYM"s grand complete felt, to many fans, like more of a splutter. After all this time, here"s the full explanation of How ns Met your Mother"s large ending.


From the very an initial episode, How ns Met her Mother make its mark on the television landscape by acquisition a usual sitcom and turning it straight on its head. Rather than merely tell the story of Ted Mosby, a Manhattan-based architect in search of love in all the wrong places, it locations his story within the context of a much-older Ted in 2030 telling his children the story of, well, how precisely he met their mother. Voiced by Bob Saget (for some reason), older Ted leader both his kids and also the audience v the complete story of how he met their mom, as well as every one of the obstacles he encountered along the way.

This complex framework offered the display a entirely unique spin and also its own mythology. In between Ted forgetting necessary details (like one ex-girlfriend he refers to as "Blahblah") or his attempts to sanitize his previous ("eating a sandwich" has actually nothing to execute sandwiches whatsoever), this is a show that calls for you to watch it in order and also to pay attention, or you could have trouble understanding the elaborate narrative.


Ultimately, How ns Met her Mother is a show about love, and during ripe seasons, the five main characters experience many of ups and downs in your relationships. Together the key character, Ted is a hopeless romantic, and also in the very first episode, that spots Robin across the room and also immediately drops for her. The two end up date throughout the show"s 2nd season, however when they realize they want completely different points out of life, they ultimately separation up and also remain great friends. Afterwards, both date other people, and Ted"s parade that girlfriends continually drum up suspense about which one could be "the Mother."

As the most stable couple of the group, Lily and also Marshall get engaged right in ~ the start of the show, and despite a small blip wherein Lily leaves Marshall to attend art institution in California, the two acquire married and have children, noting every major life milestone together.

However, the show"s least likely couple ended increase being among its many important. Despite the truth that Barney Stinson spends the bulk of the display operating as the world"s greatest womanizer, he ultimately falls in love with commitment-phobic Robin, and also the two get involved as the show moves towards its conclusion. Robin and also Barney weren"t planned from the beginning, yet thanks come palpable chemistry in between Harris and Smulders, the writers chose to handmade a storyline entailing the two, and also the remainder was history.


Despite extreme contract negotiations between CBS and also the stars that How ns Met her Mother (Jason Segel, because that example, reportedly virtually walked away from the show to seek his successful film career), the show was eventually renewed because that a ninth and final season, i m sorry kicked off during the fall of 2013 and also concluded in the spring of 2014. Transparent its whole run, HIMYM made a surname for itself thanks to the unconventional choices and unusual framework, and the display seriously upped the ante because that its last season, make the risky selection to center almost the entire 24-episode season roughly the weekend that Robin and Barney"s wedding (with a couple of notable exceptions).

This structure was definitely a gamble, and also in the end, many viewers wonder why HIMYM made together a risky choice for its final season. Regardless of cameos native stars like Lin-Manuel Miranda and returning turns from vault guest stars favor Scrubs" buy it Chalke, Twin Peaks" Kyle MacLachlan, and Once upon a Time"s Jennifer Morrison, the uneven last season — i beg your pardon featured whole episode in rhyme, as well as a entirely tone-deaf conclusion come Barney and also Marshall"s slap bet — felt stretched out and also inconsistent for most fans, and also the last blow of the finale was still yet to come.


Despite an uneven last season, there to be at the very least one standout episode throughout HIMYM"s swan song, and also that was the sixteenth illustration of the season and 200th illustration of the show overall, "How Your mother Met Me."

After audience officially met the Mother, play by the incredibly endearing Cristin Milioti (a Broadway ingenue who would go on come star in projects like Black Mirror and also Modern Love) in ~ the end of the eighth season, lock clamored for more, and also this episode listed all the the mommy backstory fans needed. Finally, viewers obtained the chance to see the entire narrative of the present through the Mother"s perspective. The illustration perfectly contrasts she life with Ted"s, together she grieves the tragic loss of she boyfriend and moves on through her life, finishing in a heartfelt performance of Edith Piaf"s "La Vie En Rose" — which, as it happens, she performs on a balcony right alongside Ted"s hotel room. The episode was soundly praised by critics, marking a rare bright spot in HIMYM"s troubled last season.


As the show came to its conclusion, audiences want to see just how their favorite characters ended the series, and also the show"s most lovable couple, Marshall and also Lily, had an eventful trip to the finish line. Transparent the series, Marshall, a big-hearted lawyer who desires to save the environment, and also Lily, a kindergarten teacher with a passion for art, constantly worked in the direction of their purposes while sustaining one another, and also their ending ultimately confirmed perfect for the inseparable sitcom couple. 

After moving out that the show"s signature apartment — which Lily, Ted, and Marshall had actually shared for many of the series — Marshall takes a project as a judge, a choice which causes some serious distress in between the couple during the nine season together they argue end Marshall"s project prospects just as Lily is available a job opportunity in Rome. However, they control to do both, life in Rome because that a year before returning to brand-new York, wherein Marshall takes a vacant place left behind by a referee in Queens. V three youngsters — your youngest daughter, Daisy, was conceived during the final season — the two continue their resides together, and also Marshall at some point runs for a position on the brand-new York can be fried Court.

Viewers never ever expected Barney, a sworn Lothario, to finish up married by the end of the show, for this reason they were pretty thrown as soon as the whole final season revolved about Barney"s wedding to Robin, who was also an substantial marriage-phobe. With that in mind, it"s unsurprising the Barney and Robin"s marriage eventually doesn"t work-related out, and also three year after your wedding (which, because that viewers, is just minutes later), the two gain divorced.

Before long, the suave, suit-clad Stinson is approximately his old tricks in brand-new York, making use of catchphrases and also outright trickery come seduce the ladies of Manhattan and also beyond, yet eventually, something unforeseen puts a halt to Barney"s bawdiness. One of his many conquests gets pregnant and keeps the baby, and though Barney is initially unwilling to become a father, he changes his tune as soon as he meets his child daughter, Ellie. Part fans found the finishing lacking for a selection of reasons — upon becoming a father, Barney becomes unnecessarily harsh to young women who he thinks are acting inappropriately, and weirdly, the mother of his kid is never named or checked out — however there"s small doubt that Barney"s finishing gave Neil Patrick Harris a opportunity to show off Barney"s emotionally core.

Once audiences lastly met the Mother, it was instantly clear that she to be perfect because that Ted, through their mutual sense of humor, common interests, and also seemingly unbreakable bond. However, throughout the nine season, it ended up being unpleasantly clear that the mother was headed for an unfortunate end, and also after many of clues and theories, most viewers" suspicions turned out to be fully correct. In a flash-forward come 2024, the mommy passes away, just four years after she 2020 wedding to Ted Mosby, leaving she grieving husband and two children, Penny and Luke, behind.

Meanwhile, Robin has actually finally completed her lifelong dream of ending up being a effective journalist after divorcing Barney, yet her previous connection with Ted still looms huge in she life, particularly after he confessed his feelings for her shortly prior to her wedding. Though Robin and also Ted have actually been living different lives, his children, who have listened to his seemingly endless story, call him the it"s obvious to them that he quiet loves "Aunt Robin," and also in a flash forward to 2030, the final moments of the present see Ted showing up outside of Robin"s window with a blue French horn, a unique instrument he provided to her ago in the show"s very first season as a romantic gesture.

Understandably, faithful viewers that the series were largely and loudly frustrated through the show"s conclusion, which appeared to throw out the entire premise that the present by death the Mother and pairing turn off Ted and also Robin, who"d determined multiple times throughout the display that lock were eventually not supposed for each other. In one hour, How ns Met your Mother appeared to undo all of the an excellent will that had gathered over almost ten years, which provides it every the an ext disappointing that this finishing had been planned from the an extremely beginning.

Many of HIMYM"s episodes open with a shoot of Ted"s youngsters sitting on a couch and also listening to your dad"s story, however obviously, since those children got older throughout the years, most of those shots room silent, because they to be filmed years before the finale. For that same reason, Bays and also Thomas, the showrunners and also creators, likewise filmed the last scene — where Penny and also Luke tell their dad to go after Robin — back at the beginning of the show, setting the finale in stone despite the assorted twists and turns the present took during the ensuing seasons. As for those kids? lock knew the finishing the entirety time, back David Henrie, who played Ted"s child Luke, asserted he forgot what the ending even was in the years that followed.

In the wake up of HIMYM"s finale, fans and critics expressed your disappointment in droves, and eventually, Bays and Carter mollified their long-time viewers simply a little bit once the entire series was released in a one-of-a-kind DVD crate set.

After the uproar end the Mother"s fatality in the finale, Bays and Carter released an alternate ending come the entire show, which concentrated on a moment that had come and also gone in the actual finale — the moment that Ted met the mother of his children, whose real name to be Tracy McConnell. As the 2 stand ~ above train tracks close to Robin and also Barney"s wedding in Farhampton, castle strike increase a conversation under the Mother"s signature yellow umbrella (which can be seen countless times transparent the series), and also as the scene ends, Bob Saget"s voice reappears, saying, "And that, kids, is just how I met her mother." It"s a pitch-perfect ending, top audiences to wonder why Bays and Carter stuck with their original, arguably worse plan, i beg your pardon is much less "how ns met your mother" and much more "how ns got back together with my ex-girlfriend."

Fans can not have been thrilled about how How ns Met her Mother ended, but throughout the show"s intensely and carefully mapped-out run, sharp-eyed viewers might"ve picked up on ideas along the method that revealed the show"s entire endgame.

Some moments flashed all the way back come the beginning, like once the Mother"s actual name, Tracy, was revealed in the pilot. And also if you to be rooting for Robin to find a cooler partner than Ted, girlfriend were constantly going to it is in disappointed. At one point, as soon as the two guys are fighting end Robin, Barney speak Ted that he"ll take it Robin till she"s 40, and Ted can "have she after that," literally predicting the finish of the show. And as the ninth season approaches, the present drops part seriously heavy hints around the Mother"s ultimate passing, including a tearful moment where she wonders what kind of mother would miss her child"s wedding (indicating that she was already sick by the time that the scene occurs). 

Ted is likewise frequently seen analysis Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (and mentions that it"s his favourite book), which tells the story of two lovers who have the right to only be with each other after one of their couple dies. These are just a couple of examples, so during your following rewatch, check out what hints you deserve to find around the show"s eventual ending. 

After investing years in this mystery, that stands to factor that both fans and also critics would certainly flock come the net to voice their too much displeasure end the show"s can be fried misdirection, and also they absolutely did, making use of words prefer "betrayed" and also remaining petulant about the show"s finale for years after it aired. Some movie critics even went for this reason far regarding write that the finale "bailed" on the whole premise the the as whole show, particularly because the series went the end of its way to say that Robin was not the titular Mother throughout its own pilot. (Technically, she isn"t the mommy of one of two people of Ted"s children, yet still.) 

Beyond that, Ted and his youngsters had six years come mourn the Mother and move on, but viewers had about two minutes, offering audiences a whiplash effect when he went after Robin ~ all. Even for a display that trafficked in twists and turns, most fans feeling the ending, conceived so lengthy ago, just wasn"t true come the whole show. 

However, together the years have gone by, some forgiving fans have come around to the finale, saying viewers have to "forgive" the show, but after ripe beloved seasons, the finale is a legacy most human being can"t forget, and also it still consistently finds a location on perform of the worst season finales in television history. 

Fans and critics certainly made your feelings about the How i Met your Mother finishing known, however as because that the five core members that the cast who to be clued into the ending prior to anyone else, lock had more time to think about it, and also one by one, they"ve all touched on their finale feeling in the years since the show ended.

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Firmly in the pro obelisk is Harris, who favored Barney"s ending and also felt that, overall, it was true to the series, saying that a happy ending just isn"t always meant come be. Harris to be joined by Radnor, who told Vulture shortly after the last episode aired that he was a "fan of the finale" and also that the finishing stayed far from safer, less amazing possibilities. (Years later, however, Radnor would basically say that wanted world to avoid asking him around it.) 

Smulders was a bit coy about her feelings, speak she "wept" at the table read and also was thrilled that Bays and Carter witnessed their vision concerned fruition, while Segel, constantly evasive, never even bothered to watch it in the first place, even though he obviously to know what happens. Finally, Hannigan was rather blunt, speak she didn"t agree with numerous of the finale"s choices, however she chalks it approximately the finale"s short timeframe, saying the a lot finished up top top the cutting room floor the could"ve better served the show"s last episode.