Legendary rapper and actor Ice-T wasn’t constantly known by that name. Originally born Tracy Lauren Marrow, he lost both his parental in childhood just 4 years apart as result of heart problems. The his beforehand life that says: “If you provide a young a name that could be taken into consideration a girl’s name, he’s walk to grow up tough.” so just just how did Tracy Marrow end up being Ice-T? even his own recounting that his name has some inconsistencies.

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Ice-T began rapping in Los Angeles


Ice-T | Virginia Sherwood/Getty Images

Born in Newark, brand-new Jersey, Ice-T ultimately moved to LA in ~ the period of 12 come live with his aunt. Throughout his time there, he started to dabble in some criminal endeavors, as well as develop his rapping skills.

In the TV special, Untold stories of hip Hop he shared: “Well, beforehand in my life I encountered my trauma, like my mom passed once I remained in the third grade. Climate my father finished up passing as soon as I was in the 7th grade from love complications. For this reason I’m one orphan and I have been on mine own because I was 17 so girlfriend become, ns would call it cold. And also that’s exactly how you get named Ice.”

In his 2011 memoir, Ice: A Memoir that Gangster Life and Redemption- indigenous South central to Hollywood, he claims his nickname came from his time participating in rap cyphers as soon as his friends would certainly say, “Yo, kick some more of the by Ice, T.” In an interview that very same year he mutual a similar line: “Say some more of the Iceberg stuff, T.”

So which was it, and also what to be “Iceberg”?

How a previous pimp and author affected Ice-T

No matter what you have planned for 2020.. It’s gonna failure to a solo mission.. No your crew, YOU. Not your friends, YOU. If YOU don’t take regulate of your desires it’s merely not gonna happen. Ice Cold Fact.

A article shared by ICEMFT (

The “Ice” or “Iceberg stuff” his friend requested referred to writer Iceberg Slim. Slim had actually been a pimp yet turned his life approximately and, with the assist of his wife, wrote and also published the book,Pimp: The Story of mine Life in 1969. The memoir was prominent not just for a young Ice-T but additionally for the likes of Snoop Dogg and also Chris Rock. Ice-T carried the book around with him and also memorized lines from its pages. It also influenced exactly how he would craft his lab lyrics.

Ice-T admits that at first, he had actually the wrong interpretation of the book, and dabbled in a life that crime. Eventually, he realized he had actually missed the point: that was around redemption.Ice-T was so relocated by the publication that in 2012 that teamed up v a new director, Hinojosa, to make the documentary Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp.

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“This is just a story around the underworld. This is not an effort to promote it,” he claimed in one interview, “It’s an interesting story around how human being change.”

It appears his nickname was perfect because that him on a variety of levels, v each variation of events including up come a fuller picture of that Ice-T is and his values.