It"s the ultimate movie unjust - WHY didn"t Rose just share she goddamn door through Jack in Titanic, and also save herself years of heartbreak and us buckets the tears?

The Oscar-winning film might be a classic, however the public have actually spent the past twenty years questioning why Kate Winslet"s character couldn"t have actually moved next to allow the beautiful Leonardo DiCaprio to live? Instead, he died of hypothermia, if Rose continued to be buoyant and went on to live a long life. TRAGIC.

Well, it seems that Titanic director James Cameron has actually had sufficient of defending his decision, and has shut down haters with a straightforward explanation regarding why Jack had to die.

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"We"re gonna walk there? Look, it"s very, very simple: friend read web page 147 of the script and it says, "Jack gets turn off the board and gives his place to her so that she have the right to survive," It"s that simple," that told the Daily Beast in a recent interview.

He explained how Jack could have survived, if he"d have felt choose making the so: "His best an option was to keep his top body the end of the water and also hope to obtain pulled the end by a watercraft or something before he died."

But it was never meant to be. In spite of the reality that an illustration of Mythbusters "proved" that both can have made it in a 2013 illustration of the show, Cameron is calling BS.

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"OK, for this reason let"s yes, really play the out: you"re Jack, you"re in water that"s 28 degrees, your mind is beginning to acquire hypothermia. Mythbusters asks you to now go take it off her life vest, take hers off, swim under this thing, attach it in some means that the won"t simply wash out 2 minutes later—which way you"re underwater tying this thing on in 28-degree water, and that"s walk to take you 5 to ten minutes, for this reason by the time you come ago up you"re currently dead. So the wouldn"t work."

Cameron actually showed up in the Mythbusters episode, and also was required to protect the plot line even earlier then.

"I think you men are absent the allude here," he defined at the time. "The script says Jack dies, he needs to die. Possibly we screwed up. The board should have actually been a tiny bit smaller. Yet the dude"s walk down."

Well, that"s that, then. Jack, you"ll constantly be alive in ours hearts...

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