New couple alert! Skylar Astin and Jack Osbourne‘s ex-wife, entrepreneur Lisa Stelly, space dating, 2 years ~ the actress filed for divorce indigenous the Osbournes alum.

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The model, 33, post a photo via Instagram top top Friday, July 10, of it s her kissing the Pitch Perfect star, 32, in the middle of an north street under a starlit sky.

“Is that a party of mini champagne in her pocket or u just happy to check out me
skylarastin?” she captioned the romantic snapshot.

Earlier that day, Astin mutual a video with the fancy Sprinkles founder via his Instagram Story and also told his followers the the couple were “just purchase for some furniture.”

Stelly and also Osbourne, 34, announced your separation via Instagram in might 2018 after almost seven year of marriage.

“So, very first and foremost, us absolutely quiet love every other. Our family is the most essential thing in our lives, and we tried everything we might for countless years to make this work,” they wrote in a share statement. “What’s finest for our household right currently is the we different lovingly, and also remain ideal friends who are committed to raising our children together.”

The declare continued: “We had 7 beautiful years of gift a couple, filled through the many amazing moments and we will certainly be eternally thankful to one one more for that … We are disappointed however feel confident that us will proceed to grow our connection as coparents and best friends.”

The former couple share joint custody of your daughters Pearl, 8, Andy, 5, and also Minnie, 2.


Jack Osbourne and Lisa Osbourne to visit the Brent Shapiro foundation for Alcohol and Drug Awareness on September 13, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. Shutterstock

One month later, Osbourne told Us Weekly that their separation was “going good,” adding that, “we’re trucking along and it is what the is.”

Later the year, the Ozzy and also Jack’s human being Detour star made headlines for allegedly punching Stelly’s then-boyfriend, Michael Gabel. Authorities told Us at the time that Gabel declined to press charges.

Osbourne has because moved on v his girlfriend, Aree Gearhart, through whom he came to be Instagram main in September 2019.

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Astin, for his part, was married to his Pitch Perfect costar Anna Camp native 2016 come 2019.

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