Jackie Onassis, likewise known together Jackie Kennedy, is perhaps one of the many fascinating an initial ladies the the country has ever had. However, just how much perform you yes, really know around her life and also her past?


Jackie Onassis Death

In 1963, the First couple began a political trip through Texas that was plan to stop in san Antonio, Houston, and also Fort Worth. After ~ breakfast, they began the vehicle ride come the profession Mart, in ~ which the chairman was scheduled to speak. That was throughout this auto ride that john Kennedy was assassinated. Jackie later on had virtually no memory of the immediate events after her husband to be shot.

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After she husband to be assassinated, she continued an active duty in politics and also the government. In 1993, she to be diagnosed with non-Hodgkin"s lymphoma, a kind of cancer. She passed away on Thursday, might 19 in 1994. She is buried next to JFK in Arlington national Cemetary.

History that Jackie Onassis

Jackie Onassis to be born in Southampton, brand-new York. She father was a wall surface Street stock broker called John Vernou Bouvier III and her mom was Janet Norton Lee. She had actually a younger sister called Caroline Lee.

Her parents separated in 1936 and divorced in 1940. Her mommy remarried in 1942 and also Jackie gained two half siblings (a brother, and also a sister).

As a young child, she love horseback riding, reading, and lacrosse. She went to Vassar university in brand-new York, and also spent she junior year overseas in France.

When she returned residence from France, she transferred to George Washington University and also graduated with a bachelor’s of arts in French literature. She secured a task as a photographer for The Washington Times-Herald after ~ graduation.

Marriage to john Kennedy

She met john Kennedy in 1951 because she and also he frequently attended the same social functions. In 1952, Jackie and John Kennedy, currently the newly-elected senator indigenous Massachusetts, to be formally introduced by common friends. This sparked one interest in between the two and also they began to day shortly thereafter.

In 1953, their engagement was announced. Castle married on September 12, 1953 in prior of almost seven hundred guests. The reception was at Hammersmith Farm, and it is approximated that over one thousand individuals were invited. Castle honeymooned in Mexico. After they returned, they cleared up in McLean, Virginia.

Having Children

Jackie had far-ranging problems conceiving and carrying a child as soon as the two were an initial married. In 1955 she miscarried, in 1956 she provided birth come a stillborn child and also in 1963 she gave birth come a boy who passed away three days later. Jackie to be able to give birth come a daughter (Caroline) in 1957, and then a son (John Jr.) in 1960.

The pair moved indigenous Virginia come the Georgetown ar of Washington, D.C. In 1960, man Kennedy announced his candidacy because that the presidency and also began his campaign. Jackie discovered that she was pregnant soon after, and thus was no able to take it as energetic a function as she wished in the campaign.

Kennedy"s Presidency

Kennedy winner the choice by beating Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate. 2 weeks after Kennedy to be sworn right into the Presidency, Jackie offered birth to John, Jr.

As a first Lady, Jackie generally planned social occasions at the White House, and other state functions. She was recognized to invite writers, artists, and also painters come the White home to satisfy politicians, diplomats, and also statesmen. She started the task of restoring the White House.

She wanted the White residence to be much more historical than it was, and she began the project nearly immediately ~ above entering the White House. She started with her very own residence, however then broadened into the remainder of the House. She created the White House historical Association to help her redecorate the White House. Due to her perseverance, she started a congressional invoice that declared the White house furniture would go come the Smithsonian Institution rather than come ex-presidents.

She wrote an individual requests to individuals that had furniture of historical significance and requested the this furniture be donated to the White House. She did well in a variety of her requests.

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Life after Washington

Jackie remarried in 1968 to Aristotle Onassis, a wealth Greek shipping magnate. After Onassis died in 1975, Jackie became a book editor whereby she ongoing to work-related until 1994 when she began treatment for non-Hodgkin"s lymphoma.