Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are together now, yet it took a few tries. Will first saw Jada in ~ a Fresh Prince that Bel-Air audition for a duty she did no get. He also tried to meet her as soon as she was on A various World, yet that no quite work either. Will certainly tells the story in his brand-new autobiography, Will.

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Jada Pinkett Smith to be on ‘A different World’

Will may have actually the dates mixed up because A Different civilization ended in 1993 and Jada’s Fresh Prince that Bel-Air audition remained in 1994, because that the duty of Will’s girl friend in a 1995 arc. Whenever the happened, Will has actually vivid memory of visiting Jada’s set.

“Alfonso discovered out that Jada had actually landed a role on a sitcom called A different World, the eight-thirty spinoff that The Cosby Show,” he wrote. “He knew one of teh authors on the show, and he discovered out as soon as Jada was shooting. It to be perfect — we videotaped on Friday, but A Different civilization taped ~ above Thursday, therefore me and Alf can head over ideal after work.”

Big Willie layout arrived at ‘A various World’

A Different people began as Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet)’s university sitcom. Bonet left after ~ the first season therefore the present focused ~ above the other students in ~ Hillman College. Jada was on A Different people from 1991 – 1993. By those years, The new Prince the Bel-Air was currently a hit, and also DJ Jazzy Jeff and also the new Prince to be still rapping. So will intended to make a scene at Jada’s show.

“By this point, The fresh Prince the Bel-Air was bubbling hard, and also me and also Alf were warm in this Hollywood streets,” the wrote. “The plan was, he and I would go come the taping the A different World, and also we would certainly sit in the audience. That would offer me an possibility to adequately fresh Prince flex. The audience would, the course, erupt as soon as we confirmed up; Jada would certainly hear all of the cheering throughout her scene, and also she would certainly look out to the crowd and also realize that was due to the fact that of me. (And Alf.)”

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Will do a spectacle of himself so the he’d be noticed. Some people call the peacocking.

“Everything to be rolling favor clockwork,” that wrote. “Me and Alf step in, the place goes boom. I didn’t see Jada, yet she knew I remained in the building. Ns shushed the crowd.”

Even quieting the crowd ended up being a will Smith collection piece. He used his trademark feeling to exaggerate the scene.

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“‘Come on, y’all, castle tryna shoot,’ ns whispered, magnanimously, together me and also Alf take it our front-row seats in the best corner,” that wrote. “Jada’s scene didn’t come till about midway through the taping, but there she was, in all her East coastline glory. She was fire — she accent, she mannerisms, she hair, she attitude. She felt prefer home.”

Will blacksmith met Sheree Zampino the night instead

As fate would have actually it, will met someone else the night. In between scenes, Will said he approached a mrs in the former row. That was Sheree Zampino, through whom he would have his an initial son, Trey. Your whirlwind romance began that night.

Congratulations will Smith! here’s to another one! ✨✨ pic.twitter.com/TsmYEfQ6uL

— Jada Pinkett smith (

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“I didn’t accomplish Jada the night,” he wrote. “Sheree and I left together before the display was even over. We laughed all the method through dinner, all the means through that fall, and three months later, us were married.”