Christopher Scarver, the guy who eliminated Jeffrey Dahmer in ~ Wisconsin"s Columbia Correctional institution in 1994, didn"t prefer the well known killer"s crimes. For this reason he go something around it.

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On November 29, 1994, Christopher Scarver, one inmate at Columbia Correctional institution in Portage, Wisconsin, to be assigned come clean the prison’s gymnasium along with two various other inmates. One inmate was named Jesse Anderson.

The other inmate was notorious cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. The struggle that took location behind close up door doors brought around what dozens that his victim couldn’t: Jeffrey Dahmer’s death.

Christopher Scarver Goes come Jail


Wikimedia CommonsThe Columbia Correctional Institution close to Portage, Wisconsin, wherein Jeffrey Dahmer and Christopher Scarver to be incarcerated.

Christopher Scarver would later on say he was provoked the day while they were cleaning the gymnasium: someone poked the in the back, and also he wasn’t sure whether it was Anderson or Dahmer, but they both snickered.

So Scarver took a 20-inch steel bar turn off a piece of practice equipment. The cornered Dahmer by a locker room and also pulled out a newspaper clipping that he had actually been maintaining in his pocket, confronting the notorious cannibal v a in-depth account the his crimes. Thus began the confrontation that finished with Jeffrey Dahmer’s death.

“I asked that if the did those things ’cause ns was fiercely disgusted,” stated Scarver.

With no safety around, 25-year-old Christopher Scarver to win Dahmer end the head twice v the steel bar and smashed his head against the wall. He climate bludgeoned Anderson come death.

Dahmer was found still lively with too much head and also facial injuries. The was taken to the hospital, whereby he was then pronounced dead.

“Some people who room in prison room repentant,” Scarver stated in the wake up of Jeffrey Dahmer’s death, “but he was not among them.”

For the murder of Jeffrey Dahmer, Christopher Scarver got two added life sentences. That was moved to several different prisons ~ the attack and is now in the Centennial Correctional facility in Canon City, Colorado.

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Scarver asserted guards left him alone ~ above purpose due to the fact that they want to watch Dahmer dead and they knew Scarver didn’t favor him.

Though the crime to be intentional, the man who killed Jeffrey Dahmer had complained the delusional think he was having in prison. Prison physicians have performed over 10 evaluations concerning Scarver’s mental state.

Christopher Scarver has his very own theory, which entails prison food. “Certain foods items I eat reason me to have a psychotic break,” he said, adding, “bread, sleek sugar — those room the main culprits.”

More recently, Scarver has actually taken to poetry, publishing a publication from prison in 2015 title God Seed: poetry of Christopher J. Scarver. The Amazon summary describes it as “A poetic vision that the world as seen through prison walls. Christopher’s poetry defines his journey from despair, come hope, indigenous mistrust to finding the good in others.”

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