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After two and also a fifty percent years the marriage, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux room calling the quits, bringing their romantic relationship to a close almost seven year after the two first found love.

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From their low-key engagement to their cleverly surprise wedding ceremony, the two worked hard come navigate the difficulties of living their resides in the public eye while also maintaining some semblance the privacy.

However, the two never ever shied far from showering each various other with love, affection and compliments, make their break-up all the much more surprising. Now, ET is looking back at just how their romance unfolded in and out of the spotlight.


The Stars Meet

Aniston was first introduced come Theroux through their shared friend, Ben Stiller. Stiller and also Theroux were co-writers that the 2008 comedy tropical Thunder. Aniston later told PopSugar the she believed the handsome star to be "very sweet," but seemed "very dark," explaining, "At first you think he might be choose a serial killer, but he is in reality the nicest person in the world."


Working on Wanderlust

While shooting her romantic comedy Wanderlust (released in 2012), Aniston common scenes through Theroux, who plays a character with long hair and also a shaggy beard. In ~ the time, Theroux remained in a permanent relationship through stylist Heidi Bivens, whom he"d been dating for 14 years.


May - Rumors Begin

Rumors that Theroux and also Aniston"s relationship start to swirl when the pair are spotted hanging out with each other at The Tower Bar in the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

June - comes Forward

The pair took their partnership semi-public once they appeared together in ~ the MTV Movie Awards after ~ party in Los Angeles. Soon after, news damaged that Theroux had actually moved in v Aniston.

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The big Proposal

Theroux popped the inquiry on his 41st date of birth on respectable 10.Speaking v Harper"s Bazaar in 2017, Aniston reflected on the proposal, recalling, "When Justin propose he put that freaking ring on my finger, and I was like, "Holy crap, currently I’m gonna have to obtain manicures!""


August 5 -- The secret Wedding

Three years after announcing your engagement, the pair bound the knot at a secret nighttime ceremony at their house in Bel Air. The wedding was disguised as a 44th birthday party for Theroux. The couple"s backyard was lavishly decorated because that the event, v a complete bar and also beautiful table centerpieces.