Jennifer Garner has actually no attention in the media frenzy bordering ex-husband Ben Affleck’s rekindled romance with Jennifer Lopez. And she definitely doesn’t desire to get recorded up in it. But ago in 2003 — once Affleck was engaged to Lopez — Garner was recorded openly flirting with the Oscar-winning screenwriter.

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Ben Affleck and also Jennifer Garner | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jennifer Garner met Ben Affleck on the collection of ‘Pearl Harbor’

Affleck very first met Garner top top the collection of the film Pearl Harbor. Not lengthy after, that met Lopez on the set of package office flop Gigli.

At the time, Garner was still married come Felicity star Scott Foley. If Lopez was married come her 2nd husband Cris Judd. Lopez filed for divorce in beforehand 2002, and also Affleck and also Lopez walk public v their relationship soon after.

Fans will recall that “Bennifer” was the IT couple of the early aughts. That made an illustration in she Jenny native the Block video, and also by November 2002 they were engaged. At the very same time, Affleck was working on the movie Daredevil with Garner.

Ben Affleck said he dropped in love with Jennifer Garner if making ‘Daredevil’

In 2013 — eight year after Affleck and also Garner bound the knot — he admitted in an interview that he dropped in love with Garner if making Daredevil.

According to united state Weekly, Affleck claimed at the moment that it was tough dealing with the film’s fail at package office. Yet the bright next was the he found his wife.

“That’s whereby I found my wife,” the said. “We met ~ above Pearl Harbor, which civilization hate, but we dropped in love on Daredevil.”

Affleck explained that Garner offered him the structure he required to gain out that his job slump. He says she aided him take it the procedures he required to relocate forward and also start making great movies again.

“She is by leaps and also bounds the most vital person come me in that respect,” he stated of Garner “Over the previous 10 years she has enabled me to have a stable residence life while accomplishing my experienced goals.”

She open flirted with him once she was still married and also he was engaged

Before Affleck and also Garner began their relationship, she had actually to divorce Foley and also he had actually to end his engagement to Lopez. Just one day prior to Lopez and Affleck’s wedding day in September 2003, castle postponed the event due to the fact that of the media frenzy.

By January 2004 castle had dubbed it quits. And also by march 2004, Garner and Foley’s marital relationship was over.

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But prior to their relationships ended, Affleck and also Garner both appeared on IFC’s Dinner for Five. Castle talked about working top top Daredevil, and also Garner openly flirted v Affleck.

During the episode, Garner said Affleck the she to be “so glad” that did not make her execute a display screen test with him for the superhero film.

“It’s for her comfort really, and I don’t know if I ever before thanked friend for no making me test,” Garner tells her future husband.

When other guest star Kevin Smith started making fun of Affleck, Garner endangered to “kick his ass” since she feel protective.

Jennifer Garner is focused on she children

As Affleck and Lopez proceed to rekindle their romance in the public eye, insiders say that Garner doesn’t desire anything to carry out with the media frenzy that comes with it. A resource told E! News that Garner “doesn’t want to be a component of the circus or media attention in any kind of way.”

Instead, Garner is focused on the three kids she shares with Affleck – Violet, 15, Serafina, 12, and Samuel, 9.

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“She’s trying come live her life and also raise her kids, and also the last point she desires to it is in doing is be managing Ben’s love life,” the source said. “Her emphasis is constantly on the kids’ happiness and also Ben gift a good father.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are picking up wherein they left off

While Garner is concentrated on her family, Affleck and Lopez simply spent a week with each other in Montana at The Yellowstone Club. According to civilization magazine, the pair has “a solid connection.” A resource claims it’s all been “quick and also intense,” however Lopez is happy.

A second insider told E! News: “They have remained in touch here and also there transparent the years. Ben reached out to she to see how she was doing and also they had dinner with each other a few times within this last month. It’s natural in between them and also the chemistry is unreal. They choose up whereby they critical left off and also are enjoying every other’s agency right now.”