They may be younger, bigger and sweatier than common movie critics, yet the high college athletes at Football University’s optimal Gun camp fit the target audience that the film, “23 Blast“. As soon as a an especially hard handle is shown, the audience roars in the auditorium in ~ Jerome High in Dublin, Ohio, summary drowning out the soundtrack.

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Because that is blind, Travis Freeman will never ever “see” the movie, but having lived it, he to be pleased at the audience’s reaction.

Movies that use high school football together the plot or subplot space not the uncommon. In August, “When The video game Stands Tall”, the story about the legend football routine at De La Salle (Concord, Calif.), is supposed to it is in released. In the previous decade, two various other high school football movies, “Friday Night Lights” and “The blind Side”, did well at the box office.

“The market is saturated with films and also it is difficult to discover your method through it,” Baker said. “The nice thing around our film is that football is simply one aspect of it. The trip of Travis is the actual film. That optimistic message, ns think, might break through. There space so many negative things thrown at kids these job that ns am proud that this film’s message is go forward, walk for her dreams and you deserve to achieve.”

The film to be filmed in Corbin and also the town’s cineplex opened many of the eight display screens up because that the movie’s premiere.

“The city that Corbin yes, really threw the doors open up to the film, embraced it and also wanted to it is in a component of it,” Freeman said. “They to be excited around the filming and also the early sneak optimal we did and also they’re quiet excited around it. I acquire asked around it every day in Corbin. ‘When is the movie coming out?’ once I lost my sight. Ns couldn’t have completed everything I accomplished if i didn’t have the assistance of my parents, mine family and also friends and the city that Corbin.”

Several residents of the town landed acting duties in the movie, including Freeman, an adjunct professor of religion at the college of the Cumberlands who plays his adult self as a preacher in a dream sequence.

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After the screening for the optimal Gun camp, the players had a lot of questions for Freeman. Was his girlfriend as warm as the one in the movie? walk he yes, really drive? How plenty of referees did he accidentally run over?

The answers: No, yes and also one, the he to know of. Yet most movies based upon true stories take some creative license. Because that those who desire all the really details, Freeman is comes out through his autobiography, “Lights Out: living in a Dark World“.

“Obviously, (the movie) is a shorter time frame,” Freeman said. “I didn’t have actually (actresses) crystal Hunt and also Alexa PenaVega chasing me around in high school. Those points didn’t take place that way. That’s why i am excited about this publication that is comes out. This movie captured the soul of my story. This book is in reality going to it is in the finish story of exactly how I lost my life, playing football, going ~ above the college of Kentucky and Southern (Baptist Theological Seminary) and doing what I’m doing now, teaching at the university of Cumberlands. I simply love what I’m law there. That’s why i am excited about the book.”