Dan climbed says mam Jessica Starr told him that she felt like her “eyes and brain aren’t connecting like they supplied to” before she took her very own life.

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Fox 2 Detroit meteorologist Jessica Starr committed suicide at the age of 35 after having actually corrective eye surgery. Photo: Facebook/Jessica Starr
two months after ~ Michigan-based TV meteorologist Jessica Starr took her very own life, her husband said the 35-year-old mommy of two had actually not been depressed before having the eye surgery that preceded her death.

Starr, a clip on Fox 2 Detroit, committed self-destruction on Dec. 12, two months after gaining corrective eye surgery. Her last social media short article before death herself suggested the recovery native the procedure had actually been a “struggle,” and her sudden death prompted increased debate surrounding the opportunity that such surgeries might be attached to suicide.

Starr’s husband Dan Rose, through whom she mutual two young children, suggested to Fox 2 Detroit this week the Starr’s eye surgical treatment was the catalyst for a profound readjust in his wife, one that eventually turned deadly.

“Prior to the procedure, Jessica was fully normal, very healthy,” the said. “There to be no depression, there to be no antidepressants, there to be no underlying issue. I desire to make the absolutely clear. Jessica was very normal — over there wasn’t a long fight with depression. Again, there was no antidepressants, there to be no alcohol abuse. There to be nothing.”

Rose expressed a similar sentiment during an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” ~ above Wednesday, stating the he and also Starr’s remaining family “absolutely” attribute her death to complications she endured following the surgery.

“There was nothing else that we deserve to attribute it to,” he said.

Starr’s mother, Carol Starr, told “GMA” the her daughter lost 25 pounds after having the procedure done. Carol Starr recounted consistently asking her daughter just how she was feeling after the surgery, and also said the Jessica responded, “I’m not eating and also I’m no sleeping, Mom. This is concerned me. I don’t think the gonna get better.”

Starr’s surgery was a small-incision lenticule extraction, otherwise well-known as SMILE, follow to “Good Morning America.” The procedure corrects nearsightedness and also was authorized by the FDA in 2016, a news release from the government company states. Known complications incorporate dry eyes, blurred vision and challenge focusing, and also “glares” and also “halos” that might be moderate to severe, follow to an additional FDA release.

Zeiss, the firm that produces the laser used for the smile procedure, is a member the the American Refractive surgical procedure Council, a group explained on that website together an organization of “industry representatives and medical professionals.” The council authorize a statement come buzzpatterson.com supplying their condolences come Starr’s family yet citing the “rigorous clinical study” the the smile procedure underwent as component of the FDA approval procedure — clinical trials the involved an ext than 700 patients, and also that confirmed that laugh is “safe and effective,” castle said.

“We room saddened about Jessica Starr’s death and also convey our sympathy to her family, friends and all who room affected. Follow to the Centers for disease Control and also Prevention, suicide is among the leading causes of death in the joined States and also one that the few that is rising. However, it can not be diminished to any solitary cause, and there is no clinical proof linking self-destruction to laser vision convey surgery,” their statement reads. “Based on the 7,000+ researches conducted, the millions of satisfied patients and also the successful twenty years in-market history, us are fully confident in the safety and also efficacy that laser vision correction because that qualified candidates.”

Starr’s household have held rapid to their claim that the surgical treatment precipitated Starr’s bottom spiral. Rose told Fox 2 Detroit the his mam felt that other wasn’t best after she had actually the procedure done and went come multiple medical professionals trying to find help. On one occasion, increased said, ~ she’d come house from getting her “3rd or 4th second opinion,” he approached her and also asked her what was wrong.

“She looked in ~ me and she said, ‘Dan, it’s like my eyes and my mind aren’t connecting like they provided to. I can’t process like I offered to. I’m no visualizing things prefer I provided to,’” rose said.

Starr had actually previously suggested on society media that her recovery had not been an easy road, calling it a “hard go” in a Facebook video clip one month before her death.

“I execute still require all the prayers and well desire "cause this is a difficult go. The physician said it could take up to 3 months or so because that me to feel 100 percent again,” she said.

Her final tweet, released the job after the facebook video, remained in a similar vein, reading, “Yesterday was a struggle for me. Ns really wanted to come ago but need an ext time to recover. Please store me in your thoughts during this an overwhelming time.”

Starr left behind videos and also a 30-page suicide letter that has actually afforded her family insight into her psychological state before her death, the terminal reports, including that Starr to be explicit in claiming the the decision to finish her life to be a an outcome of the surgery she’d had.

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Rose stated that he’s sharing his wife’s story now in the really hopes of increasing awareness and also helping others stop going v what he and his family members have.

“We desire to shot to aid somebody,” he said. “If we can save one life and at least make somebody aware, also a spouse — if a husband it s okay this procedure — I desire the wife to simply watch because that signs.”

The ARSC recognized in their statement come buzzpatterson.com that there is a “healing procedure after any form of laser vision correction — including smile — and the require for post-surgical care,” but, citing clinical data, the the supervisory board contends the “serious sight-compromising symptom are exceptionally rare — on par with other laser vision correction procedures of much less than 1 percent.”

“Not everyone is a candidate because that laser vision correction and also every individual should weigh the risks and benefits of an elective medical procedure,” they continued. “The Refractive surgical treatment Council proactively supports patient education efforts through the score of ensuring those who space interested in laser vision correction acquire the details they must make the right decision for themselves and their vision.”