JIM MORRISON passed away 50 years ago today top top July 3, 1971, however how did the die and also how old was The Doors singer?


Jim Morrison death: just how did Jim Morrison die? What to be The Doors singer’s cause of death? (Image: GETTY)


The Doors (Image: GETTY)

Morrison lost some of the weight he’d newly gained and shaved his beard in the weeks that followed.

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While in letter to friends, The Doors singer explained going on long solo walks v Paris.

But then on July 3, 1971 – specifically 50 years earlier today –Morrison was disbuzzpatterson.comvered dead by buzzpatterson.comurson, in the flat’s tub around 6am.

The official reason of death was heart fail but, as said, no autopsy was performed.


Jim Morrison and his girlfriend Pamela buzzpatterson.comurson (Image: GETTY)


Jim Morrison"s grave (Image: GETTY)

However, several human being who case to be eyewitnesses think Morrison died of an accidental heroin overdose.

The most influential narrative the the night before is the he and buzzpatterson.comurson had actually been utilizing the medicine while listening buzzpatterson.comme music.

And that as soon as The Doors singer reacted badly, she put him in a warm bath to assist revive him.

His girlfriend had dubbed the emergency services however they failed to revive him and also he was pronounced dead.

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Interestingly, Marianne Faithfull has claimed her ex-boyfriend, drug dealer Jean de Breiteuil, who passed away in 1972, was responsible because that The Doors singer’s death.

She claimed she and Jean had actually dropped off some heroin in ~ Morrison’s apartment just hours before his death and the drug proved solid enough to kill him.

Marianne told MOJO in 2014: “I mean I’m sure it to be an accident. Negative b*****d. The smack was also strong? Yeah. And he died.”

Morrison died exactly 2 years to the day after Brian Jones and also around nine months ~ Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

Jimi Hendrix performs in ~ the Atlanta pop Festival in 1970

While three years later, buzzpatterson.comurson died of a heroin overdose and she was simply 27 too.

Morrison was buried in Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris in the week after he died, with simply a buzzpatterson.comuple of mourners in attendance.

The Doors singer was inbuzzpatterson.comrrectly noted in the cemetery’s documents under Douglas James Morrison, instead of James Douglas Morrison.

While his death wasn’t announced buzzpatterson.comme the world, including to his parents, until after the organization had taken place.

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