Professional wrestler Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, component of the legendary Hart household wrestling dynasty, has passed away at the age of 63.

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The Pasco Sheriff"s Office stated Neidhart dropped at home, fight his head and also "succumbed come his injury"" ~ above Monday in Wesley Chapel, Florida. No foul play to be suspected.

A two-time WWF tag team champion as part of the Hart structure with real-life brother-in-law Bret Hart, Neidhart was among the many recognizable personalities in the WWF explosion of the so late 1980s and early "90s, through his signature goatee and also the Hart Foundation"s pink and also black rings gear.

"What a good run we had. Ns couldn"t believe how it take it off," Jimmy Hart, who regulated the team, said The linked Press. "But the reason why was, Neidhart was such a great character earlier then. Bret was an ext cool; the girls loved him. Neidhart and myself were type of the evil twins."

Pro wrestler Jim Neidhart was finest known as a two-time tags team champion and component of the legendary Hart structure during two different key eras in WWE history.Courtesy WWENeidhart"s agree wrestling career stretched earlier to the late 1970s, when he started performing for Bret"s father Stu Hart"s Stampede Wrestling promotion in Calgary. Stu Hart ultimately sold Stampede come Vince McMahon in the mid-1980s, with Bret Hart and also Neidhart as main parts the the deal.

After leaving the WWF for the very first time in 1992, Neidhart changed for several an essential moments as component of an broadened Hart foundation in 1996 and also 1997, alongside three of his brother-in-laws -- Bret Hart, Owen Hart and the brother Bulldog -- and also Brian Pillman. The Hart Foundation"s rivalry with rock Cold Steve Austin culminated in among the signature moment of the WWE"s "Attitude Era" at the "In Your residence 16: Canadian Stampede" pay-per-view, which to be headlined by a 10-man tag match of the Hart foundation vs. Austin, The Legion of Doom, Ken Shamrock and Goldust at the Saddledome in Calgary.

Bret Hart is the only wrestler from that incarnation the the Hart foundation still alive. He reacted to the news the Neidhart"s death in a tweet Monday.

Stunned and saddened. I just don"t have the words best now.

— Bret Hart (
BretHart) respectable 13, 2018

Ross Hart, his brother-in-law and a previous pro wrestler, said the AP the Neidhart suffered from Alzheimer"s an illness and that it was thought he experienced a grand mal seizure on Monday.

"He gained up morning and went to lower the temperature ~ above the air conditioner, and he simply collapsed and also I think passed away pretty quickly," Ross Hart said. "I to be think this was stemming native Alzheimer"s, i m sorry he"d to be battling for part time. It"s a battle he"s to be going through."

Jimmy Hart said Neidhart seemed to be in good health once they last saw each other in April top top WrestleMania weekend.

"He to be witty. He to be funny. He appeared sharp as a tack," Jimmy Hart said.

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Neidhart is the dad of current WWE superstar Natalya and also the father-in-law of former WWE demonstrate Tyson Kidd. WWE fans most recently experienced Neidhart in sparse appearances on the WWE-focused fact TV show "Total Divas."

He was a shot put star in high school in California in the early on 1970s and also had quick tryouts because that NFL teams before becoming a agree wrestler.