Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and also Jeremy Vuolo have actually been married for almost four years, and also they’ve become fan favorites amongst the show’s viewers. Fans think the two are much more relatable than few of the other family members members, though human being were still surprised to find out the period difference between the two.

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Jinger Duggar and also Jeremy Vuolo to be married in 2016

When Duggar and also Vuolo met, it seemed to be love at very first sight. The pair was presented in beforehand 2016, after ~ Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald met Vuolo when on a trip to Austin, Texas. Vuolo concerned Arkansas come visit the family, and also from there, he and also Duggar were in almost continuous contact.

The couple only courted for a few months before Vuolo popped the question, and they were married in November the that very same year. The two moved to Texas after ~ the wedding, despite they didn’t begin a family members right away. Duggar and Vuolo delighted in one another’s agency for practically a year before beginning a family.

This mrs is amazing. Gift a mommy is a high calling, demanding courage and also strength past what ok ever totally comprehend. Embracing the late nights and early mornings, Jinger has thrived as she’s nurtured both Felicity and our unborn daughter in her womb. Occasionally I think King Lemuel’s mother knew my mam “She costume herself v strength and makes her arms strong…Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” (Prov 31:17, 25)

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Fans to be surprised to discover Vuolo is 7 years older 보다 his wife

The Duggars often tend to wed young; many of them space no older 보다 their early twenties once they tie the knot. This goes for Duggar, who was 22 when she and Vuolo wed. Surprisingly, though, Vuolo was practically 30 as soon as these two gained married.

Vuolo is about seven year older than Duggar, which came as a surprised to some fans (or critics, rather) top top Reddit. “I no realize the huge age difference in between them,” one user wrote. “There is a seven year age difference between and ,” another person wrote, adding, “I don’t mean to throw the shade at everyone who has actually a connection with period gap.”

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There have been rumors Duggar was not her husband’s very first kiss

While couple of might know that Duggar and also Vuolo are several years apart, there have been rumors that Vuolo wasn’t together sheltered cultivation up as soon as it involved dating. Vuolo to visit college, playing soccer at Syracuse University and also eventually walking on come play professionally, and some in his circle have actually said the Duggar was no his an initial kiss. There have likewise been rumors the Vuolo was a fan of attending parties, and also he to be arrested ago in 2008 because that harassing a police officer.

Duggar’s life has adjusted since marrying Vuolo

Although Duggar and Vuolo stay close through her family, they have actually separated themselves as soon as it involves their lifestyle. Duggar no watch tv or hear to music cultivation up; now, she and also Vuolo have a TV in your home, and also she’s started producing Spotify playlists special mainstream artists such together Ed Sheeran.

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Duggar additionally moved away from she parents’ strict clothing rules; she to be only allowed to wear long skirts and also dresses as a child, despite she now wears pants and occasionally shorts. It appears Vuolo has helped her action out of her comfort zone and also create a life v fewer restrictions.