Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have actually been married for nearly four years, yet the two didn’t spend lot time courting (from what we know). The Counting ~ above couple only officially courted because that one month before Vuolo proposed. But now, some of the show’s viewers space theorizing the Duggar and also Vuolo were covertly courting long prior to their family made any type of kind of public announcement.

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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo met with Duggar’s sister, Jessa Seewald

Many that the Duggar kids have met your spouses v church or homeschooling, but Duggar and also Vuolo’s introduction was much more of a surprise. Jessa and also Ben Seewald had actually visited Texas and also were searching for plans when they learned that a church meetup being organized at Vuolo’s house. Though they had actually never met Vuolo, the three of castle hit that off, and also soon after, Vuolo came to Arkansas to visit the Seewalds.

From there, Vuolo and also Duggar establish they had a connection, and after acquiring approval native Jim Bob, the two were maybe to start a courtship. But a many time passed between the couple’s initial meeting and also their publicly courtship announcement.

We have actually the ideal laughs together, gain the deepest conversations, and also make the many memories anywhere we go. Ns guess that’s simply one of the perks of marrying your finest friend ❤️ i love you come the moon and also back, Jeremy Joseph.

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Vuolo proposed come Duggar one month into their courtship

The Duggar family frequently doesn’t court because that long. Part courtships, specifically Michelle and Jim Bob’s older children, last for several months or increase to two years. Lately though, there have actually been courtships the last as tiny as four weeks. Duggar and also Vuolo to be on the shorter end, safety a little an ext than one month in a courtship before Vuolo proposed. Yet the timeline because that the couple doesn’t entirely add up.

Fans are persuaded Duggar and also Vuolo courted in secret

Duggar and also Vuolo were very first introduced in 2015, and also according to Romper, that was practically a full year before they actually gone into a courtship. In spite of that the 2 were open about not courting indigenous the minute they met, some critics of the present theorize the two were covertly courting prior to Jim Bob’s approval or a publicly announcement. Follow to Vuolo, the wasn’t until after a mission expedition to central America that he seek courtship approval.

I always prayed because that a husband that loved God much more than anything, because that would be a male who would certainly know how to important love me. Ns so grateful for this man.

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has been sniffing Jinger the end for a lengthy time… i honestly feel bad for Jinger,” someone stated on Reddit. Fans noticed Vuolo appear in a Counting On illustration in 2015 and also are convinced he was trying to make a move long prior to anyone realized. “This <Counting top top appearance> remained in Arkansas because that Jessa’s baby shower. Why would he travel from Laredo come Arkansas just for a stupid infant shower?” one more critic wrote, agreeing the there seemed to it is in something walk on v Duggar and also Vuolo beforehand on.

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Someone else said that the two can have to be courting long prior to a publicly announcement however that their courtship was preserved under wraps due to the failed courtship between Josiah and also Marjorie shortly before that. Still, that is only viewers’ speculation, and nobody have the right to definitively say that Duggar and also Vuolo to be in a an enig courtship before the public to be informed.