Lifetime’s ‘Jodi Arias: Cellmate Secrets’ recounts the experiences of the well known murderer’s former cellmates in the Arizona prison system. As a result, Jodi Arias re-enters the spotlight that she got hold of so violently once details of her horrific crime pertained to attention. She murdered Travis Alexander, her ex-boyfriend. However, the gruesome nature that the crime drew everyone’s notice, which has made Jodi infamous. But, what happened to Travis Alexander? how was the murdered?

The killing of Travis Alexander:


Travis Alexander met Jodi in September 2006, in las Vegas. He to be 29-years-old at that time, and Arias to be instantly take away in by him. Actually, castle both hit the off quite well, and also Jodi damaged up v her longtime boyfriend, with whom she’d to be living. Travis and Jodi started a long-distance connection – he stayed in Mesa, Arizona, and she lived in Palm Desert, California. They’d meet in Murrieta, California.

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By November 2019, Jodi converted to Mormonism – Travis’ exercised religion – reportedly, to it is in closer to him. Back the couple had a great relationship at the start, Alexander’s girlfriend noticed some disturbing things about Jodi. She was quite obsessed through Travis, and also a friend even remarked they to be afraid they’d find him chopped up in the freezer.

They broke up after five months, but Jodi and Alexander continued to get together. The sex was always great in their relationship. In fact, their relationship might be synthetic up together a concoction of rage, obsession, and white-hot sex. However, Jodi began acting out when Alexander began dating various other women. He’d be with a girl when someone would knock ~ above the door and also run away. Alexander knew it was Jodi. The stalking enhanced as his tires to be slashed, and his mail to be hacked. Evidently, Travis even told a friend at some point not to it is in surprised if he wound up dead.

On June 9, 2008, end a year after lock connected, Travis Alexander was discovered dead in his residence in Mesa, Arizona. Days prior to the murder, there to be a burglary in ~ Jodi’s grandparents’ house, whereby she was living in ~ the time. A gun to be stolen, and also later the same form of weapon was offered in Alexander’s murder. Initially, Alexander had actually planned to take it Jodi top top a occupational trip to Mexico but readjusted his mind to take another woman instead.

Arias drove up to Mesa to meet Travis, and they had sex in the shower head on June 4th (as racy images revealed throughout the trial). Alexander’s human body was discovered several days later by roommates. By then, it had actually started come decompose, but the clues of the savage murder stayed evident.

In short, Travis was stabbed 27 times, his throat was slit, and also he to be shot in the head. Friend can check out the whole autopsy report here. The coroner also went into graphic details during Jodi’s trial. Apart from the 27 stab wounds, he was shot in the ideal brow through a .25 caliber weapon and nearly decapitated once his arteries and voice box were cut. His body was nearly mummified by the time authorities pertained to the scene.

The prosecutor to walk the human being through the grisly details that the murder, and also we shall attempt to reconstruct it for you. Readers, it is in warned, the upcoming section has graphic content.

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After Jodi and also Travis had sex and took nude picture of every other, Jodi stabbed the in the shower and on the toilet floor. Together Travis tried come stand and gain his balance, she stabbed him again. One knife blow hit the back of his head as he stood end the sink. That tried to make his means down the hallway, smearing blood on the walls. Jodi chased him v a knife in hand. Finally, she recorded up to him and also went because that his throat. The prosecution described it together a ‘well-orchestrated kill.’

The Arrest that Jodi Arias:

Jodi to be arrested on July 15, 2008, on skepticism of first-degree murder. She lawyers argued how she’d flown right into a to the right of rage, and also Jodi also showed remorse, together the prosecution in-depth the murder. However, she to be sentenced to life in prison and is at this time behind bars. The lifetime movie, which has turned our emphasis on her, is one account of exactly how Jodi’s cellmates uncovered her to be, throughout the time she’s invested in the numerous incarceration centers within the Arizona jail system.