When man Lennon met Yoko Ono in 1966 in ~ Yoko’s arts exhibition in London, it was the start of an notorious love story that ended with John’s untimely fatality on 8 hours December 1980, at the hands of mark Chapman.

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Fourteen years earlier, John, climate aged 26, to be riding high as among iconic Liverpool band, The Beatles, who were at the pinnacle of their fame. Yoko to be a 33-year-old Japanese artist, peace activist and singer-songwriter, who was exhibiting few of her work at the Indica collection in London.


She had travelled come the UK to satisfy the artist and political activist Gustav Metzger, together she had actually been invite to take component in his devastation in art Symposium in September 1966. Man was stated to have viewed her theoretical art exhibits however was unimpressed initially.

Inspired by positivityLegend has it that he didn’t like numerous of the exhibits, but one, licensed has been granted Ceiling Painting, intrigued him. Tourists were invite to rise a ladder which had actually a spyglass top top the top. On act so, lock could clearly see the word “yes” painted at the top.

John supposedly said he to be intrigued by the optimistic message, in an era as soon as most theoretical art to be anti-everything. He began chatting v Yoko together he viewed an exhibit called Hammer and also Nail.

Apparently, Yoko didn’t understand who he was and also she described he can pay 5 shillings – the indistinguishable of £4.40 in today’s money – come hammer a nail right into a wooden board to produce his own piece of art.

John declined, yet afterwards, Yoko described it as a “strange situation”, as she felt very attracted come him, return he to be married to his an initial wife Cynthia at the time.

DivorceJohn and Yoko retained in touch v each other, yet Cynthia, his wife because 1962, became suspicious when Yoko began telephoning their home. However, John stated she was simply trying to acquire sponsorship for her artwork.

In early 1968, The Beatles made their famed trip to India and it became obvious John had feelings because that Yoko. He made recommendation to she in a song he wrote referred to as “Julia”, in which he said, “ocean boy calls me”, meaning Yoko.

In might 1968, Cynthia go on vacation to Greece and John invite Yoko to sign up with him at his marital home. This was thought to it is in the start of their infamous affair. Cynthia went back home and found castle together and filed for divorce soon afterwards. Once the divorce was finalised in November 1968, man married Yoko at a registry office in Gibraltar in 1969.

Artistic collaborationsThe newly-weds recorded several music collaborations together consisting of Two Virgins, happiness is a warm Gun and the famous Give tranquility a chance in 1969. They also staged protests versus the Vietnam War, including their Bed-in For peace at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada.

During their high-profile project for peace, castle took component in a variety of bed-ins, which walk a step further than the well-known protest an approach in the ’60s, the sit-in. They additionally enjoyed power art and also created “bagism” – a term provided to describe their anti-stereotyping protest.

The couple first prove bagism in ~ a push conference once they both wore a huge bag over your body – they claimed it satirised stereotyping and prejudice. The aim was that instead of concentrating on a person’s appearance, world would hear to your message. This period in their resides was described in the Beatles’ song, The Ballad that John and Yoko, in 1969.

They likewise collaborated on number of records consisting of the album, loose Music No 1: two Virgins, in 1968. The very same year, they contributed an speculative track called change 9 come The Beatles’ White Album.

Yoko likewise sang a mixture that lead and also backing vocals top top Beatles’ monitor such as Birthday on The White Album and also on The continuing Story that Bungalow Bill. As the Plastic Ono Band, they also produced an album, Live tranquility in Toronto, in 1969.

The Beatles disbanded in 1970 and also speculation was rife about whether Yoko play a component in this, together she and John walk on come collaborate on an ext music projects consisting of the album, double Fantasy, just before John’s death. It received rapturous acclaim from the critics.

Personal lifeAfter The Beatles’ demise, John and also Yoko moved to new York and had a son, Sean Ono Lennon, on 9th October 1975 – John’s 35th birthday. John ended up being a house-husband so Yoko could continue working and also his hiatus indigenous the music market lasted five years.

John i was delegated a photographer come take images of Sean every day because that the an initial 12 month of his life. The result images, to add other illustrations of Sean, were released posthumously after ~ John’s fatality in a publication called actual Love: The drawings for Sean.

DeathJohn Lennon to be shot dead external the apartment structure he common with Yoko on 8th December 1980. The killer, mark Chapman, now aged 62, has been imprisoned ever before since. Back he came to be eligible because that parole in 2000, twenty years after the deadly attack, he has been refuse parole ripe times come date.

Yoko Ono started the Strawberry fields Memorial in central Park in storage of her late husband. She also founded the man Lennon Museum in Saitama (her hometown in Japan) and the Imagine tranquility Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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