JOHN Ritter was finest known for playing Jack Tripper top top the alphabet sitcom Three's Company.

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Ritter will certainly be the subject of ABC's Superstar series which airs respectable 25


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Who was man Ritter?

John Ritter to be an American actor.

He obtained a Primetime Emmy Award and a gold Globe compensation in 1984 for his occupational in Three's Company.

Ritter appeared in end 100 films and also television collection combined and also performed on Broadway.

Some of his other notable roles include Ben Hanscom in It (1990), Problem Child (1990), Problem child 2 (1991), and Bad Santa in 2003.


John Ritter passed away in 2003Credit: Getty

His final roles include voicing the title character on the PBS children's program Clifford the large Red Dog (2000–2003), because that which he obtained four Daytime Emmy Award nominations.

Around the time of his passing, he skilled a revival in his career with the TV comedy 8 basic Rules for date My Teenage Daughter.

When did john Ritter die and what to be his reason of death?

Ritter passed away from an undetected flaw in his heart dubbed an aortic dissection in 2003.

He was 54 years old at the time of his death.

An aortic dissection describes "an abnormal separation that tissues in ~ the wall surfaces of the aorta, the large blood vessel that carries blood from the love to the rest of the body," write WebMD.

"Aortic dissection results in a dilute blood vessel wall surface that may also rupture," i beg your pardon "usually results in death if not treated immediately."

Ritter reportedly died after fall ill on the collection of his new sitcom.

A suddenly onset of pain is usual at the minute of dissection. The ache is "usually described as ripping or tearing and also as the worst pain ever experienced," between the shoulders and earlier which might radiate down to arms and neck.

Was john Ritter married with kids?

On October 16, 1977, Ritter married actress Nancy Morgan, through whom he had three children: Jason, Carly and Tyler.

They divorce on September 1, 1996.

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Following his break-up from Morgan, the married actress Amy Yasbeck on September 18, 1999.


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