John Travolta has actually gone with a lot of an individual tragedy in the course of his life. Simply recently, the actor lost his wife, Kelly Preston, ~ a two-year battle with chest cancer. Before that current loss, the actor additionally lost his child Jett, that he had with Kelly in 2009. Currently that the news that Kelly's passing has reached the public, plenty of are wondering just how the actor's son passed away at together a young age. 

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Jett died in 2009 if on vacation in the Bahamas at Christmas time. ~ his death, it was reported the Jett had actually a history of seizures, and also a seizure had been his ultimate reason of death. Jett was simply 16 in ~ the time. In interviews ~ his death, the Saturday Night fever actor claimed that Jett had also suffered native autism, and also had been having seizures all his life, and was diagnosed v Kawasaki disease at the age of 2. 

In the wake up of Jett's death, John said that he had relied top top his prompt family and also the Church of Scientology to store him working. He also started a non-profit company in his son's name that was design to aid children v special needs. In the years due to the fact that it to be founded, the Jett Travolta structure has make donations come the academy of achievement for human being Potential and a range of various other organizations. 

Now, an ext than a decade after they lost their son, man is also dealing with the loss of his wife, Kelly Preston. Kelly, that was one actor, was finest known because that her functions in Jerry Maguire and Twins. The two were married in 1991, and she is endured by two children, a daughter Ella, who's 20, and a child Benjamin, who's 9. 

Kelly had actually been battling chest cancer, but she didn't broadcast that fact. "Choosing to keep her fight private, she had actually been undergoing medical treatment for part time, sustained by her closest family and also friends," a family rep said People. "She was a bright, beautiful and loving soul who cared deeply about others and also who carried life to everything she touched. Her family members asks because that your understanding of their need for privacy in ~ this time." 

To my dearest Johnny, the most wonderful male I know. Friend have offered me hope as soon as I have actually felt lost, love me patiently and also unconditionally… made me laugh more tough than any other human being being possible... Shared the most beautiful highs and at times lows. You’re a dream Daddio and make life so much fun!! ns trust mine love through you implicitly... With you I understand I will always be it s okay no matter what happens... I love girlfriend forever and completely. Happy 28th Anniversary

John and also Kelly to be married in September, as soon as she was 2 months pregnant through Jett. As newly as critical September, the 2 were tho posting love tributes come one another on society media in respect of your 28th wedding anniversary. 

"To my dearest Johnny, the most wonderful man I know. Girlfriend have given me hope when I have actually felt lost, love me patiently and unconditionally… made me laugh more difficult than any kind of other human being possible… common the most beautiful highs and at time low," Kelly wrote. "You're a dream Daddio and also make life so lot fun!! i trust mine love v you implicitly… through you I know I will always be okay no matter what happens… ns love friend forever and also completely. Happy 28th Anniversary

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