“John Wayne Gacy: evil one in Disguise” attributes a prolonged prison interview with the serial killer, just minutes of i beg your pardon have ever before been seen by the public.

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Forty-one year ago, john Wayne Gacy was convicted of death 33 young men and also boys. But a new documentary collection raises questions around whether he might have killed even an ext people throughout his horrific series of killings in the 1970s.

“John Wayne Gacy: devil in Disguise,” a six-part collection that premieres march 25 top top Peacock, features an interview with a retired Illinois police detective who cases the serial killer once alluded come slaying much more than 33 people. (Peacock is owned by NBCUniversal, the parent firm of NBC News.)

The docuseries additionally contains one audio recording of Gacy, who was convicted in 1980 and also executed by lethal injection in 1994, recalling the he disposed the at the very least one additional body.

“If over there are much more victims the end there and they might be linked to him, the would provide resolution to any kind of families who room still searching for answers,” claimed Alexa Danner, one of the executive producers of the series.

“John Wayne Gacy: devil in Disguise” attributes a prolonged prison interview through Gacy, just minutes of i m sorry have ever before been viewed by the public, and also exclusive interviews with civilization who knew him, including a near confidante and his 2nd ex-wife.

Gacy, a structure contractor that performed as a clown at children parties, lured young men and boys come his home external of Chicago because that sex, where plenty of were handcuffed and raped; many of his victims to be strangled and buried in the crawl room under his home.

In the fourth episode, former Des Plaines Police room investigator Rafael Tovar recalls a conversation with Gacy while the 2 were driving to the chef County Jail. Tovar, introduce to Gacy’s victims, claims he asked: “Are there more?”

The 6th episode attributes an audio recording of Gacy talking through an attorney, throughout which he claims he disposed that at the very least one much more body in a wooded area by a high school. (He does no admit top top tape come committing murder.)

The collection is careful to allude out the Gacy frequently played mind games with interlocutors, elevating doubts around whether he must be viewed as a reliable narrator the his own crimes.

The collection explores the possibility that added victims can have been hidden at a home in Chicago where he as soon as worked.

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Gacy’s next-door neighbors at the property insurance claim they observed bizarre behavior, consisting of Gacy transferring what showed up to be hefty garbage bags throughout a lawn in the middle of the night and also digging or filling up trenches.