My, how they’ve grown! former Jon & Kate to add 8 stars Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin welcomed their sextuplets on might 10, 2004. The exes are also parents to pair Cara and Mady, who they welcomed in October 2000. Through the come of their sextuplets — Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and also Collin — four years later, the famed family was finish with your eight kids.

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Jon and Kate met in October 1997. At the time, Jon to be living with his mother and working in ~ a hotel if Kate had just graduated from nursing school. The hotel Jon operated for would consistently have company picnics, and also Kate attended the occasion with a girlfriend who also worked at the very same hotel.

“There to be this guy walked across the grass and also I wasn’t really searching for anybody since I was an extremely self-sufficient. Yet he recorded my attention, he had actually sunglasses ~ above so i couldn’t watch his eyes, however he looked cute. And I was like, ‘I’m not leaving below today until I meet him,’ I declared that, in fact,” Kate claimed in a share interview through Jon because that TLC. Although Jon had actually a girlfriend in ~ the time, Kate said “she was gone the next day.”


The early on years the their partnership seemed strong. “We were the pair that people always said us ‘were sickening sweet,’ have the right to you believe that?” Kate asked Jon. “Yes, ns don’t recognize what happened,” the said, and also they both laughed.

Jon proposed to Kate simply over one year later on Christmas job 1998. Castle tied the knot on June 12, 1999, and also they honeymooned in Disney World.

The couple struggled come conceive since of Kate’s polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), castle revealed in their 2008 book, Multiple Bles8ings. She underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF) therapies for both of her pregnancies. After conceiving twins, the pair wanted one more child — but the procedure succumbed their sextuplets.


Courtesy that Jon Gosselin/Instagram

Blast native the Past

Fans quickly ended up being enamored with Kate and Jon’s brood once the first season of Jon & Kate add to 8 debuted on the discovery Health Channel in 2007. The couple announced their decision come separate throughout season 5, but luckily we didn’t see the critical of their kids.


Working Together

As parents to twins and sextuplets, it’s safe to say that both Jon and also Kate had their hand full. So exactly how did they control to raise so many kids? Kate said not there is no assistance.


One step at a Time

“You need to have assist – expropriate it,” the TLC star said People in 2009. “It have the right to be very difficult especially because that someone like myself that likes to it is in in complete control. That will proceed until your kids are grown!”

Scheduling Is Key

When it concerns the day-to-day tasks, Kate said, “create a schedule an extremely early on and also stick come it. Kids like a routine, and also for me, it eliminated the guesswork.”

Cherishing the Memories

The previous Dancing v the Stars contestant additionally suggested, “let little things go!” On optimal of that, Kate claimed it’s an extremely important come “make every moment count — use the time you space wiping their hands and face or an altering a diaper come connect.”

Budgeting prefer a Pro

The mom of eight revealed she tried to stick to a budget plan by saving and spending smart. Kate used coupons, bought in bulk and kept her eye ~ above upcoming deals.


“Above all, take a couple of minutes for yourself … don’t let mommy guilt gain to you. Also if it’s just a 10-minute shower, which in ~ the start seems prefer a luxury,” Kate dished.

Growing up So Fast

Viewers have nearly watched the Gosselin kids grow up prior to their an extremely eyes. The sextuplets celebrated their 16th date of birth in 2020, i beg your pardon is a major milestone!

Proud Parents

“There space no native to describe how proud i am of girlfriend both,” Kate gushed while writing a sweet post to Cara and Mady on your 18th birthday. “Despite the many turbulent time you’ve had to deal with so far in life, girlfriend have arised as wise, level-headed, reasonable, forgiving, loving, kind and absolutely brilliant ADULTS!”

Big Changes

In 2018, there to be some major custody developments. Throughout a us tv occasion in December, Jon evidenced Hannah lives with that “full time.”

Back at Home

Jon also revealed he to be awarded temporary sole custody of their teenage son, Collin, among the sextuplets. For over two years, Collin was living away from his family members in a regimen for kids with unique needs.

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Living Situation

“Hannah stays with me complete time, and then Collin,” the reality star dad-turned-DJ said. “Leah, Alexis, Joel and also Aaden, they’re v their mom, and then the twins room 18, therefore they’re adults.”

Make a Wish

To celebrate their 14th birthday the year, Jon post a heartwarming article on Instagram alongside a photo of the 6 siblings.

“Happy 14th birthday to Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and also Collin!!!” he wrote. “I can’t believe it’s to be this long!!! Whew that as soon as fast!!! dad loves friend all an extremely much!!!”

Special Occasion

Kate likewise praised she kids and also their an excellent qualities. “My beautiful ‘little girls’ … they keep reminding me how numerous days until they turn 14. Today it to be ’12 work til we rotate 14, Mom.’ HOW’S THAT even POSSIBLE?!”

“I said Leah that she’s too small to rotate 14,” the truth star continued. “She claimed ‘Yeah, true. Are you sure I’m not transforming 11 or 12?’