Dancer/actor/singer, Julianne "Huff" Hough, is mostly known for showing up on multiple seasons of Dancing v the Stars. Her nationwide breakout moment was she lead acting function in the 2011 film, Footloose. 

Hough is admired for she dashing great looks and also her flashy run moves, but there"s more to learn around her increase to stardom. From she innately talented, hard-working household to her time researching dance in London, there"s a lot to learn around her life. Probably you don"t know that she had a recording transaction as a country music artist? maybe you don"t know that you can find her in among the more iconic Harry Potter films?

She was destined because that the spotlight long prior to she hit it big. Discover out 18 an ext facts around Julianne Hough before she became...well, Julianne Hough.

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18 She and Her household Would Hike Often

The Houghs stayed in Orem, Utah, i m sorry is just 3 hrs away from what is recognized as one of the peak adventure communities in the unified States. We"re introduce to Moab. Once Julianne and also her brother, Derek, to be children, the family would frequently visit few of the most famous adventure sites in the country.

17 residence Of Gryffindor

At the young age of 13, she starred as an extra in the debut movie of the harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling"s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone. This 2001 movie to be Hough"s very first as a child. She appeared in the film before she even started her life in dance.

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16 The Local family members Band

According to Jules" Instagram, she and she siblings were local legends. They had actually a household cover band referred to as "White Lightning" where she play bongos and chimes. They"d be uncovered performing at town gatherings.

They were inspired by their mother, that enrolled them in countless performing arts courses. All the Houghs have been energetic in theatre arts since early childhood. They billed themselves, "The blond Osmonds".

15 opened up Up about Abuse In her Youth

Hough has been wearing makeup because age 10 and was no stranger come spray-tanning at that tender age. As soon as in London, she started dancing professionally, in a much more sensual way. It was her job, she told Cosmpolitan, and she felt like her dance career required her to put on a much more mature and sexy facade.

She alluded the things got worse “when I started hitting puberty, as soon as I started ending up being a woman and stopped being a small girl."

14 10-Year Old Julianne

After her parents separated, she and also her brother, Derek, relocated to London to study dance. They checked out high institution at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. She became the leading female dancer in ~ the academy.

It is there that she important perfected she theatre and performing art skills.

13 Derek The Dancer

Julianne isn"t the just Hough that became a famous professional dancer. Derek Hough, the enlarge brother, checked out London"s Italia Conti Academy that Theatre Arts through Jules and likewise became a successful Dancing with the Stars performer. He additionally had a small component as one extra in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone.

Later on, he would certainly take ~ above the little screen by appearing in ABC"s Nashville, as Noah West. They have a very close relationship and also have made tons of career moves together.

12 note Ballas

Julianne"s parents, when going v a divorce, sent out Julianne and also her brothers Derek to London. Castle lived and studied through their coaches, Corky & Shirley Ballas. The older pair tutored the Houghs, together their own son, Mark. At the London-based academy, the Houghs learned theatre, gymnastics and all various forms of dance, choose jazz, tap, and also ballet.

At period 12, Julianne, Derek, and also Mark developed their own pop music trio, 2B1G. Castle performed at dance competitions in the UK and also the U.S. And also were showcased on a UK tv show.

11 country Star

She opened up for Brad Paisley in 2009, performing melody from she self-titled album. She had a deal with Universal Music group and later opened for the legend George Strait. Her first two singles from the album, "That track in my Head" and "My Hallelujah Song," increased in the country charts. The same year, she winner her an initial two Academy of country Music Awards for Top new Female Vocalist and also Top new Artist.

10 Fertility

Julianne Hough was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2008. That is where the tissue that currently a woman’s uterus grows on various other organs external the uterus, i m sorry can cause pain and also infertility. During the very same year, she appendix to be removed.

"When i was 15, I had actually symptoms the endometriosis, but I had never heard that it, didn"t understand what it was. I assumed that this was simply the type of pains you have when you"re on her period," Hough revealed come People.

9 Hough Was increased Mormon

Julianne Hough was raised in a strict Mormon ar in a Utah suburb. Hough told The brand-new York Post that she was brought up relatively sheltered in she Mormon household. She claimed that Sandy, Utah was favor a balloon where: "everyone knew anyone else"s business".

She said the Post, with for to religion: “I’m no practicing, however I’m therefore glad ns was increased Mormon,” she says. And even if she no longer a churchgoer, over there is quiet one dad she keeps on rate dial. She father likes to keep her accountable.

One that Hough’s strongest impacts is her politician father, Bruce, that was a two-time chairman that the Utah Republican Party.

8 agree Dancing

She has actually been formally dancing because age 10. According to Entity, Julianne at 15 to be winning run competitions and currently making history. The Grease Live! star came to be the youngest dancer to success both Junior human being Latin Champion and also International Latin Youth Champion. In ~ the age of 18, she joined Dancing v the Stars during season 4.

7 hidden Talents

Julianne Hough, in a light-hearted section of an interview v Jay Shetty, revealed a an extremely cool trick she developed with her voice. She"s may be to clearly enunciate a shouting girl behind her closed and sealed lips. Fascinatingly, Julianne"s creativity inspired her to build the capability to do these noises.

Hough has actually a few incredible surprise talents. You"ve never seen anything like this and also you have to examine it out!

6 Life In London introduced Her come Tequila

Her move to London, together you"ve more than likely gathered by now, really changed her together a person.

She said Vulture, "There were civilization smoking everywhere, and also I to be like, "This isn"t against the law?" I believed it was against the law," Julianne said. "So smoking. I had never also touched a cigarette, or touch a fill of cigarettes."

That"s one vice. What about alcohol?

"And there were various kinds of alcohol. I assumed alcohol was just one thing, which is type of naïve. "Wait, what? ns didn"t even know this existed!" Hough laughed. "I didn"t know there to be such a thing as lingerie and also sex stores and stuff choose that. No that i ever got in them, however in London, they"re everywhere."

5 Overcame Body-Shaming

According to Women"s Health, Hough has actually been upset in the previous about being photographed in swimwear by the paparazzi. "It yes, really messes through you," she expressed.

She shared that people would leaving rude and also inappropriate comments about her on blogs. "Growing up, I can eat anything," she explained. "But the minute i hit 22, I stopped dancing and kept eating whatever I wanted, and also I got weight."

When world commented about her weight gain, she admitted that she got "caught increase in it." at first, she tried staying away from the foodstuffs she craved, yet that only brought about binging. "Now if I desire something, I"ll have actually it and also I won"t feeling guilty," she revealed. "Then the following day i won"t crave it."

4 previous Romances

Many understand that Julianne Hough dated television and also radio personality, Ryan Seacrest, for about three years. However, what fans don"t likewise know about Hough"s past love life, is the she to be once engaged to it is in married. Her fiance was Zack Wilson and she was engaged in 2006. She to be 18 years old.

Obviously, the did not pan out. She is right now married come NHL center for the Washington Capitals, Brooks Laich.

3 She Is "Not Straight"

Julianne opened up around her sexuality. She does not label she sexuality and remains fluid. She opened up up to her husband about this: "I (told him), ‘You recognize I’m not straight, right?’ and also he to be like, ‘I’m sorry, what?’” she recalls in a brand-new interview through Women’s Health magazine. “I to be like, ‘I’m not. But I choose to be with you.’”

2 She"s Obsessed with Fitness

Hough has actually proclaimed she is a fitness junkie.

Apart indigenous dancing, she do the efforts out distinctive workout routines. Hough called AOL, "At 26, I determined my continuous workouts the what I favor and adjust it up. So, I do yoga, cycling, run cardio, I execute boxing. I obtain quite bored so I choose to change it up."

You can uncover Hough on plenty of exercise DVDs if girlfriend look because that them. She has plenty the content whereby she helps world get into the best physical form possible. Julianne starred in her an initial fitness DVD, "Cardio Ballroom," in 2009. It was the very first in a collection designed come motivate exercise novices and enthusiasts alike. Secondly, she placed out "Just Dance!," in 2010 - this topped sales charts because that months.

1 A family Of Dancers and Singers

Hough to be born in Orem, Utah, the fifth and youngest in a Latter-Day Saints family. Her parents space Marianne and Bruce Hough - her brother is Derek Hough. She also has three older sisters: Sharee, Marabeth and also Katherine. Additionally, all 4 of Hough"s grandparents to be dancers. Interestingly enough, she is also a 2nd cousin of musicians Rydel, Rocky, Riker and Ross Lynch native R5.

Hough"s formal training began at the facility Stage Performing art Studio in Orem, whereby she danced v Josh Murillo, among others, in the Latin Ballroom style. She started dancing competitively in ~ nine.

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