On might 15, 2003, June Carter Cash – nation singer and beloved wife of Johnny Cash – died in a Nashville hospital complying with complications from heart surgery.

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Or did she?

On Sunday, famous forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter will re-examine June's autopsy, traction up her clinical records, and speak with family and friends to figure out what precisely killed the music legend in REELZ's latest documentary, Autopsy: The Last hrs of…June Carter Cash.

In Radar's exclusive sneak peek, Hunter touches on the topic of June's high-fat diet and alludes come the fact that doctors may have actually missed immediate warning signs.


"I recognize that June Carter Cash had a taste for unhealthy food, which many likely contributed to she coronary artery disease," Hunter explains. "At part point, this developed to congestive heart failure."

"On peak of that," the goes on, "seven months prior to her death, doctors found that June had actually a leaking love valve, every one of which shows that June's heart was severely compromised."

Indeed, the five-time Grammy winner – well-known for writing the hit song, Ring of Fire, which to be made renowned by her superstar husband – discovered herself hospitalized after ending up being unwell in ~ home. She apparently complained of pains around and under she ribs and was having difficulty breathing.

"Doctors initially thought this to be gallstones," says Hunter, "but more tests revealed that liquid was building about June's heart and lungs as result of the leak in she micro-valve. June was told the her valve needed to it is in urgently replaced."

June died just before her 74th birthday, and she left behind a legacy that couple of rival. In enhancement to excelling as a singer-songwriter on her own, fans also cherished her duets v Johnny and saw her together a fixture in ~ the grand Ole Opry.

But together is the case with most renowned musicians, she life in the limelight was no without the troubles. In the shadows of she musical successes live her tumultuous, 35-year love story and marriage, and also detected and undetected health and wellness concerns.

Autopsy: The Last hours of...June Carter Cash premieres Sunday, may 30 at 10 afternoon ET/PT on REELZ.

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