Kanye West was devastated by the fatality of his mother, Donda West, ~ above November 10, 2007.

The rapper has actually seemingly never involved terms with just how his mother died. But with his new album, it shows up that the rapper is attempting to pardon those connected in she death.

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In a tweet post on April 28, 2018, West shared a photo of the plastic surgeon who had brought out procedures on his mom the day before she died. In the screenshot of a message exchange through someone dubbed Wes, West wrote:

"This is my album cover. This is plastic surgeon january Adams. The human being who performed my moms final surgery. Perform you have any title ideas? I desire to forgive and stop hating."

Here"s whatever you should know about Donda West"s death.

1. Donda was Kanye"s "momager" before her death.

Just together Kris zener is to Kim Kardashian, Donda West to be Kanye"s momager at the time of she death. She previously functioned on the faculty of the English room of Chicago State University. She retired from she academic function to work with her son, and also wrote a book about him title Raising Kanye: Life Lessons native the mom of a Hip-Hop Superstar, which come out in might 2007, just months before she died.


2. Donda underwent cosmetics surgery measures the day prior to her death.

Donda had actually liposuction, a tummy tuck, and also a chest reduction, the day prior to she died.

According come the autopsy report (via People), "West had the ability to walk out of the clinic ~ 5 1/2 hrs of surgery, heavily bandaged, and also prescribed Vicodin because that pain. She choose to return to her home for treatment even though she to be advised that she receive post-operative treatment at one more facility." She to be apparently, together per the autopsy report, cared for by one "experienced nurse" and also other household members at home.

The surgeon that performed her procedures, Dr. Jan Adams, has spoken at length around Donda West"s death, revealing to INSIDE Edition that "the an extensive liposuction, tummy-tuck and breast-reduction surgical procedure went front without any issues."

3. Complications developed when Donda returned residence after surgery.

The work after she surgeries, West"s mommy (via People) allegedly "experienced a sick throat, pain and also tightening in her chest, before collapsing in the beforehand evening. A friend at the house called 911 and West was taken to the hospital, wherein she to be pronounced dead in the emergency room." Donda died on November 10, 2007.

Adams declared to INSIDE Edition that he recommend Donda to recover from her surgeries in hospital, yet that the patient to be keen come return home.


4. The coroner"s report was inconclusive.

According to the coroner (via People in 2008):

"The final manner that death could not be determined. Multiple post-operative factors might have played a role in the death. The precise contribution of every factor can not it is in determined. There to be no evidence of a operation or anaesthetic misadventure."

The report also found (via Daily News) that both vomiting and also medication to be contributing factors in Donda"s death. Follow to the publication, the patient is thought to have taken up to "20 pain-killing Vicodins in less than 24 hours."

Speaking to Daily News in might 2015, Adams said, "Most people that ns run into think she passed away on the table, castle don"t even know this lady was residence for a day. The fact hasn"t to be revealed."

5. The coroner discovered no evidence of difficulties with the surgical treatment performed through Dr. Adams.

The Los Angeles county Coroner discovered that "there to be no proof of a operation procedure problem" bring about Ms. West’s death (via NY day-to-day News). However, together a result of the investigation, Adams told INSIDE Edition the he lost his business, and also his reputation was tarnished irreparably.

6. Kanye has constantly blamed himself for the fatality of his mom.

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In one interview with Q Magazine in June 2015, West said, "If I had actually never relocated to L.A. She"d it is in alive... I don"t desire to go much into it because it will bring me to tears."

7. Kanye claims his next album covering will feature a photograph of his mother"s surgeon.

Tweeting front of the release of his new album, West revealed his plan to usage a photo of Dr. Adams together the album cover. Questioning a friend for advice top top what to call the record, West explained, "I desire to forgive and stop hating." His friend, Wes, responded with the title suggestion, "LOVE EVERYONE," i beg your pardon West showed up to provide of: