While the long-running reality display catapulted the family to fame, their various organization ventures space what make them their huge fortunes.

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Keeping Up v the Kardashians is what initially financial institution rolled the household to with billionaire status, but with the reality show now buzzpatterson.coming to an finish with its 16th season, the household don’t require that revenue to save them afloat.

Between beauty lines, endorsements and their very own respective businesses, the Kardashians have racked up a substantial buzzpatterson.combined wealth, yet how exactly?


While Kris Jenner can thank the reality present for kicking off she fortune, she makes most of she money from being a professional momager to she daughters.

10 every cent Of whatever Her youngsters Make

Ten per cent functions out buzzpatterson.come be rather a lot, once you think about just how much every of her children make. Kim Kardashian is worth $900 million if Kylie jenner is precious $1 billion.

Forbes reported the Kris jenner “got payment an estimated $17 million by her daughter” Kylie in 2018 alone, many thanks to Kylie Cosmetics.

When Coty bought a 51 per cent stake in the firm back in 2019, Kris make $30 million.

Keeping Up through the Kardashians

The series began in 2007, and while the family has been negotiating faces E! ever since, castle agreed on an $80 million transaction in 2015, signing one more “below $100 million” transaction in 2017. Speak to Ellen, Kris revealed the “everybody it s okay paid pretty lot equally, ’cause we all movie a lot and also we all work hard and also we’ve developed this show and this brand for the past decade. … Everybody’s happy.”

TMZ insurance claims Kris took residence an extra 10 per cent controlling fee for the show — to the song of $15 million.


Kris has repped whatever from diamonds, to CBD tea, buzzpatterson.come toothbrushes.

Kris seemingly endorsed Fashion Nova once Kim admitted to transforming down a $1 million address them.

Divorce Settlements

Kris wasn’t left a large amount of money after she divorce from Robert Kardashian. Kris opened up around how she to be struggling because that cash after their split, in 2018 saying: “I didn’t have anything. I went to the sector one day and also my credit transaction card didn’t work. I had a industry credit card and I’m like, ‘I can’t even buy a tomato.’”

However, TMZ reported the Kris and also Caitlyn Jenner break-up up around $60 million in assets.

KRIS’ network WORTH: $170 MILLION


Kim Kardashian was the most famed Kardashian, and now has some the the most business ventures and assets. Picture: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has actually multiple businesses, endorsement deals and also investments to she name, which is most likely what landed her on the Billionaires List.

Each pat an integral buzzpatterson.component of maintaining up she wealth.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Showbiz Cheat Sheet case that each family member earns around $930,000 every episode.

In an interview v My Guest needs No advent with David Letterman, Kim stated that “We would not be that we room today without maintaining Up with the Kardashians and that’s why we proceed to share ours lives.”

People report in 2017 the the family jointly earn around $30 million per season.

Mobile App

In 2014, Kim released her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood cell phone game. Google play explains it as “a red carpet adventure” where you “create your very own aspiring celebrity and rise buzzpatterson.come fame and fortune.” The app earned Kim $45 million during its very first year.

In 2016, it landed on the front page of Forbes, reporting the her game had been downloaded 45 million times.

KKW beauty, beauty & Fragrance

In 2017, Kim introduced her own beauty and fragrance lines, KKW Beauty and also KKW Fragrance.

The an initial ever heat of KKW Beauty sold out in simply two hours, which contained 300,000 edge kits, follow to Forbes.

It made her over $14 million.

During 2018, Kim expanded the range of her buzzpatterson.commodities to incorporate lipsticks, concealers and also perfumes, before selling 20 every cent of the organization to an international beauty buzzpatterson.company, Coty, for $200 million.

Kim retains a 72 per cent stake in the buzzpatterson.company, which is valued in ~ $500 million.


What was very first named ‘Kimono’ has actually now buzzpatterson.come to be Skims, which “is a solutions-oriented brand producing the following generation that underwear, loungewear and shapewear”, follow to your website. This organization venture was launched by Kim in 2019, buzzpatterson.coming to be an immediate hit. According to ZoomInfo, the service has a revenue of $12 million.

Forbes approximated that Kim’s bulk stake in Skims is worth about $225 million.


One the the most lucrative sources of earnings for part celebrities is society media.

Some influencers can be paid thousands, if no millions for each post.

When Kim Kardashian spoke to Ashley Graham’s Pretty large Deal podcast in 2018, she hinted the she earned about $1 million on certain posts.

Hoppers HQ’s 2020 Instagram wealthy List cases the sum is an ext likely to be about $858,000.

buzzpatterson.company Shares

Kim holds shares in mega buzzpatterson.companies consisting of Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Adidas, and also Apple. These were gifted to she by shortly to it is in ex-husband Kanye West in 2017. That is estimated from these shares the Kim has actually earned over $650,000.

Flipping Properties

Kim Kardashian flips genuine estate. TMZ reports the she and also Kanye purchase a Bel-Air mansion in 2013 because that $9 million and sold it four years later for end $17 million, make a substantial profit.

KIM’S network WORTH: $1.4 BILLION


Kylie Cosmetics

Most the Kylie Jenner’s wealth has actually buzzpatterson.come from her very successful Kylie Cosmetics buzzpatterson.company.

At 21-years-old, Forbes claimed her together the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire. While an examination soon found that the buzzpatterson.company exaggerated the benefit of the business, misleading Forbes, she was soon claimed as not a billionaire. However, the business has still brought in a vast amount that cash because that the young star.

Kylie buzzpatterson.comment to the backlash in an interview with file magazine, speak “The self-made point is true.”

Kylie established the service in 2015, claimed to have lugged in $400 million in revenue in its very first 18 months.

In November 2019, Kylie signed a transaction to offer the majority stake in her buzzpatterson.company to Coty, because that $600 million, valuing the buzzpatterson.company at $1.2 billion.

Forbes asserted that the agency never do as lot money together Kylie claimed, additionally saying the the buzzpatterson.company suffered throughout the Covid-10 pandemic.

Forbes case that she has actually a true net worth that $900 million.

At the time, Kylie took to Twitter buzzpatterson.come slam Forbes’ report. “I assumed this to be a trusted site … all ns see space a number of inaccurate statements and also unproven assumptions lol. I’ve never asked for any kind of title or tried buzzpatterson.come lie my method there EVER. Period,” she tweeted, additionally questioning Forbes’ “proof” the the case that taxes returns “were likely forged.”

“I can name a perform of 100 things an ext important right currently than fixating on how much money ns have,” she tweeted.

Life the Kylie spin-off

Along with earnings from maintaining Up v the Kardashian, which aired once Kylie was just nine, she acquired her own show in 2017. The is unknown just how much the season made the young star.

Kendall + Kylie fashion line with PacSun

In 2013, as soon as Kylie was 15, she and her sister Kendall launched their own apparel line.

Now, the brand is sold wholesale to 390 locations in the US, including Nordstrom, Topshop, Amazon, and Bloomingdale’s, and 975 worldwide.


Most of Kylie’s occupational with Kylie Cosmetics is supported on social media.

“Social media is an remarkable platform,” Kylie, that has much more than 189 million pendant on Instagram, said Forbes last year. “I have actually such easy accessibility to mine fans and my customers.”

Kylie likewise has very profitable deals with Puma, Fashion Nova, SugarBearHear gummies and Adidas, i beg your pardon she endorses online.

In 2018, a report from society media insights for sure D’Marie Analytics discovered that one solitary Instagram article by Kylie earned she $1 million in advertising.

Kylie’s people App

While it has because been closeup of the door down, Kylie jenner made money from her personal app which was launched in 2015, making she $105,170 top top its an initial day.

The application offered “an to exclude, mix of cost-free and premium paid content from Kylie’s world, bringing you closer to she than ever before,” according to that description.

By the end of 2018, Kylie announced she would protect against posting buzzpatterson.come the app in 2019.




At the young age of 14, kendal was signed as much as Wilhelmina international modelling agency. Throughout that time, she started modelling because that Forever 21.

Although, Kendall’s huge break came as soon as she did a picture shoot for teenager Vogue. Shortly after, she moved into runway job-related and added magazine picture shoots.

Now, Kendall is among the many sought ~ models, and also in 2017, Forbes reported that she to be the highest possible paid version in the world.

Deals through Estée Lauder, La Perla, Adidas, and much more led to $22 million in inbuzzpatterson.come that year.


Kendall likewise makes she money with acting. In 2010, she had actually her exhilaration debut in One Call: BlackLight. In 2012, she make an illustration in an episode of Hawaii Five-0. In 2013, kendall was the voice actor for character ~ above the show The High furustos Adventures of stroked nerves Orange. After appearing in a couple of music videos, she appeared in the 2018 film Ocean’s Eight.

Real Estate

Kendall jenner made her an initial big actual estate salvation in 2014, as soon as she to buy a condo in Westwood California because that $1.3 million. She later sold it for $1.5 million in 2017.

In that same year, Kendall marketed her Hollywood Hills house for $6.85 million. She gained about $350,000 indigenous the revenue after purchase in 2016 native actors john Krasinski and also Emily Blunt.

Business Ventures

In 2011, Kendall produced two nail lacquers for the Kardashian Kolors nail polish heat by OPI, earning a linked profit through Kylie the $100,000.

Other ventures the sisters had included their 2013 metal Haven by kendall & Kylie jewellery arsenal with Mascal Mouawad’s Glamhouse, your 2014 shoe and handbag line because that Nordstrom under Steve Madden’s Madden Girl line, The kendall & Kylie arsenal with PacSun in 2013, and the kendal + Kylie Topshop arsenal which was launched in 2016. In In 2016 the sister partnered with Glu Mobile to launch the Kendall and also Kylie app, a spin-off of their older sisters Kim’s application Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.


In 2017 kendal was apparently paid $250,000 to promote the notorious Fyre Festival that turned out to it is in a huge disaster. However, a usual sponsored article earned kendal $100 – $150,000.

However, follow to Hopper HQ’s 2019 Instagram affluent List, Kendall, earns $611,000 for articles on she account v 114 million followers.



Good American garments line

Khloe started good American apparel line in 2016. Her main focus was to offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes for every body types.

The agency sold $1 million of jeans on its very first day.

According buzzpatterson.come Owler, great American has an estimated value the $12.7 million.

Before an excellent American, Khloe ran a clothing line Dash v her sisters Kim and Kourtney from 2006 – 2018.

Tv producing & hosting

Khloe executive produced episodes the television consisting of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, rob & Chyna, Kocktails through Khloe, and Khloe and also Lamar.

Khloe appeared as a organize in 2009 on Fashion Police, and Chelsea Lately. She was additionally a referee on RuPaul’s traction Race, The X-Factor and also E! Live indigenous the Red Carpet.

Along with the various spin-off shows that came from maintaining Up WIith the Kardashians, Khloe go on to organize Revenge Body, which confirmed her assist the average person lose weight.


Khloe make her exhilaration debut in an episode of regulation & Order: LA title “Benedict Canyon.” She has likewise appeared in genuine Husbands of Hollywood and Royal Pains.


The truth TV star is a published author. In 2015 Khloe created a publication titled strong Looks better Naked, which ended up being a brand-new York times bestseller.

Khloe earns an estimated $598,000 per sponsored Instagram article with a follower counting of 96.6 million.



Kourtney Kardashian can have to be the least enthused about filming maintaining Up v the Kardashians, but she to be still paid equally to she sisters.


Kourtney’s lifestyle website Poosh is a pretty huge money maker. The website supplies advice via blog posts, yet it’s best assets is Shop.Poosh.buzzpatterson.com.

Instead of the star posting a continual #sponcon on Instagram, she gets works with directly v brands buzzpatterson.come sell products through her very own site. She then takes a reduced of the profits.

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According buzzpatterson.come Talent sources CEO Michael Heller, Kourtney was earning approximately $250,000 per Instagram short article in 2017 when she had just 54.3 million followers. Now she has 126 million followers.

Her House

According buzzpatterson.come Elle Decor, Kourtney and her children live in a six-bedroom Calabasas mansion the she and her ex Scott Disick purchased for $8.5 million. It includes an elevator, a gym, and also a massage room — and absolutely adds to her in its entirety net worth.


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