From a childhood crush to hyperspeed courtship, parenthood and also a storybook wedding, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ Hollywood romance seemed to defy all odds. Yet the fairytale finished today, through news the Holmes has actually filed because that divorce indigenous Cruise, short of their sixth anniversary. Below now is a chronology of significant events in their high-profile, and also ultimately doomed, relationship.

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1980sAccording to later interviews, as a young girl cultivation up in Toledo, Ohio, Holmes always had a to like on Tom, her movie star idol.

October 2004A year after she’d left she defining duty as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, Holmes offers an interview to Seventeen magazine, in i beg your pardon she says, “I think every small girl dreams about (her wedding). I provided to think i was going come marry Tom Cruise.”

April 2005Katie meets Tom because that the an initial time, ostensibly concerning a function in Mission: impossible 3.

STORY: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorcing

April 27, 2005The pair makes their brand-new love public by showing up together in Rome, where Cruise had actually traveled to receive a David di Donatello award for life time achievement. Both had significant films (War the the Worlds and also Batman Begins) comes out around the time, leading numerous to speculate the romance was a publicity stunt.

May 23, 2005Cruise appears on The Oprah Winfrey Show and declares his love for Holmes, prompting the to punch the floor, seize Winfrey’s hands and, most memorably, jump on she couch v joy. He also pulls Holmes the end from backstage. The appearance instantly becomes infamous, known as Cruise’s “couch jumping” episode.

June 13, 2005Holmes converts from Catholicism to the Church that Scientology.

June 16, 2005The pair announce your engagement, simply shy the eight weeks indigenous having very first met. Cruise proposed to Holmes in Paris at the Eiffel Tower in ~ a restaurant ~ above the Tower’s second floor. The does not acquire on one knee, yet he presents her with a ring supposedly containing a five-carat yellow diamond. She claims yes. No day is announced.

June 24, 2005Cruise and also Matt Lauer challenge off because that a heated dispute on The today Show end comments Cruise do criticizing Brooke Shields for using the anti-depressant medicine Paxil to battle postpartum depression. Cruise calls Lauer “glib” in his defense of psychiatry as a genuine branch the medicine.

October 6, 2005The couple, referred to as TomKat through the media, notice they are expecting a child.

December 1, 2005Cruise purchase a sonogram machine to track his baby’s development, eliciting a warning from The Food and also Drug administration saying exclusive use the a sonogram violates the law.

April 18, 2006At Saint John’s Health facility in Santa Monica, Calif., Holmes offers birth come a baby girl weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces. They name her Suri. A statement indigenous the couple on the significance of the name says Suri “is a native with origins in both Hebrew and also Persian. In Hebrew, it way ‘princess’ and in Persian, ‘red rose.’”

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November 18, 2006At a lavish affair in ~ the 15th-century Odescalchi castle in Bracciano, Italy, the pair wed. Holmes wore a Giorgio Armani gown featuring an cream color skil train adorned with lace and also Swarovski beaded crystals. Cruise wore a navy-blue tuxedo, additionally by Armani. Celebrities in attendance incorporate Will and also Jada Pinkett Smith, Jim Carrey, Jenna Elfman, Victoria and David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and then-husband Marc Anthony, Jerry Bruckheimer and also JJ Abrams.

August 22, 2006Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone announces the Paramount images is ending its 14-year partnership with Cruise, citing the damage done by his various public controversies to his crate office viability.

October 2006Suri appears on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, alongside her proud parents. Annie Leibovitz is the photographer

January 15, 2008An internal Scientology video featuring Cruise pointing out what the Church means to the is leaked onto, and instantly go viral. The video inspires scores that parodies.

August 14, 2008Tropic Thunder opens, in which Cruise wears heavy makeup and also a fat fit to pat Les Grossman, an obnoxious, hip-hop-loving studio executive. His power earns confident reviews, and also is viewed as a step towards enhancing Cruise’s publicly image.

September 21, 2009Suri is photographed by paparazzi put on high heels.

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June 15, 2012Cruise plays against kind again, starring as Stacee Jaxx, a hair-metal absent star in new Line’s Rock the Ages. The movie underperforms, absorbing $14.4 million at package office in its opened weekend, providing it a third-place finish. Still, Cruise receives confident notices for his portrayal.

June 29, 2012Holmes records for divorce native Cruise, making it the third divorce for him and also her first. In a statement to the media, Cruise’s lawyer calls the “a private matter” and that she primary problem is “her daughter’s finest interest.” Cruise’s rep supplies that the gibbs is “deeply saddened” around the news and also is “concentrating top top his 3 children.”