The short, sad life the Jennifer Syme is not one that is often discussed these days. Yet during she 28 years, she made a far-reaching mark on those about her and also frequented the upper echelons that Hollywood celebrity. In some ways, this would certainly bring about her downfall.

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Jennifer Maria Syme was born in Pico Rivera, California top top December 7, 1972. At the period of eighteen she moved out to Los Angeles to go after a career in the movie business. It to be not lengthy after that that she uncovered work as an assistant come the maverick director David Lynch.

Lynch is a famously eccentric and boundlessly imaginative filmmaker whose masterpieces Blue Velvet, pair Peaks, and The Elephant Man have actually redefined the means we think around screen storytelling.

One of his boldest experiments to be the 1997 movie shed Highway. Jennifer Syme snagged a cameo duty in the distinctly arthouse and an extremely ‘Lynchian’ movie. It is just one of the very couple of appearances she ever before made top top screen, and also certainly the many recognizable.

Following her occupational with David Lynch, Syme joined a music label causing PA work for Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, as well as work v the Red warm Chili Peppers.

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It remained in the mid to so late ’90s the Jennifer met the actor Keanu Reeves and also they started dating casually.

Keanu Reeves was an extremely hot home at this point in his career, having already starred in big hits like allude Break and also Speed.

Keanu’s stardom was only growing bigger currently with his authorized in The Matrix, and also Jennifer was also a high-flyer in this days in her work-related with Dave Navarro and also the Red warm Chili Peppers.

Although the couple never married, they were madly in love through anybody’s measure.

Keanu Reeve’s & Jennifer Syme’s Daughter: Ava Archer Syme-Reeves

In 1999, Jennifer Syme became pregnant v Keanu Reeves’ daughter, and also the pair looked collection to settle down.

However, tragically, their son Ava Archer Syme-Reeves was stillborn eight months right into the pregnancy.

Consequently, the relationship between Keanu and also Jennifer liquified several weeks after that.

Jennifer Syme andKeanu Reeves.

Jennifer Syme’s Death

Following the tragic lose of she baby and subsequent connection breakdown, Jennifer was claimed to be spend by depression and heading under a poor path with a cocktail of prescription medication. She made an effort to begin afresh through a function as a record firm executive, but her bottom spiral showed insurmountable.

On April first 2001, Syme attend a party at the house of Hollywood rockstar – Marilyn Manson. Jennifer and also Marilyn met on the collection of Lost Highway and apparently struck increase a good friendship. Syme was supposedly driven residence from this party by one more guest shortly before sunrise, however, chose to drive earlier to the party soon after.

It to be on this drive ago in the at an early stage morning that April second that Jennifer Maria Syme was eliminated on Cahuenga Boulevard when her Jeep collided through a row of parked cars. She was ejected indigenous the vehicle and died instantly.

Jennifer Syme’s mother, Maria St. John, later on sued Marilyn Manson because that wrongful death, alleging the had provided her “various amounts of an illegal managed substance”. Manson vehemently denied these claims and the matter was cleared up out of court.

She was 28 year old when she died and was hidden beside her daughter, Ava Archer Syme-Reeves in Westwood Memorial Park.

Keanu Reeves has said that he discovered Jennifer Syme’s fatality “very, very daunting to cope with”. He also used his endure of grief in order to portray his character in the 2014 film, John Wick. In an interview, Keanu called reporters, “I assumed it was among the foundations of the role. Ns love his grief. Ns relate to that, and also I nothing think you ever before work with it. Grief and loss don’t ever go away.”

Mullholland Drive

An eerie facet of the case is the fact that the crash which killed Jennifer Syme essentially mirrored the crash i m sorry is a central plot suggest of the David Lynch movieMulholland Drive.

The movie had wrapped before Jennifer’s death, so there is no method Lynch could have modeled the step on what taken place to her. But he evidently maintained a good deal the affection because that his one-time assistant.

Mulholland Driveis committed to Jennifer Syme. The is a testimony to Jennifer’s quiet and also unassuming influence that a an excellent auteur prefer Lynch need to feel inclined come dedicate one of his definitive cinematic statements come her.

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Finally, in the fast clip below, Keanu himself gives what is possibly the many poignant take on life & death that just a human being with his suffer in the matter can deliver.