Kelly Loeffler net worth: Kelly Loeffler is one American politician and also financier who has actually a net worth of $1 billion. She is the former United claims Senator indigenous Georgia. When she very first entered the us Senate, gaue won disclosures provided by Kelly pegged her net worth to be $500 – $800 million. That made her the #1 the wealthiest member of congress at the point. In ~ $500 million she was around $365 million richer 보다 the second-richest Congressperson, Representative Greg Gianforte of Montana.

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In January 2021, it to be officially confirmed that Kelly and her financier husband Jeffrey Sprecher to be worth $1 billion.

Kelly was appointed come the united state Senate in 2019 by Georgia branch Brian Kemp ~ the previous councilor resigned for health and wellness reasons. Kelly ran versus Pastor Raphael Warnock later in 2020 to defend her seat. Their basic election in November was also close to call and was because of this sent to a runoff. ~ above January 5, 2021 Kelly was defeated by Raphael.

Early Life: Kelly Loeffler was born in Bloomington, Illinois in November 1970. In 1992 she graduated from the university of Illinois in ~ Urbana-Champaign with a degree in marketing. She then earned one MBA indigenous DePaul University.

Business Career: after graduating native DePaul, Kelly walk to work-related in finance with stints in ~ companies choose Citibank, wilhelm Blair & Co and the Crossroads Group. In 2002 she took a project at a commodity and financial services firm called Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). Ice is probably best-known because that owning the new York stock Exchange. The company has a industry cap that $60 billion together of this writing. Kelly at some point rose the ranking of ice cream to end up being head of marketing, communications and also investor relations. While at ICE, Kelly likewise served as the Chief executive, management Officer of Bakkt.

ICE was established by Jeffrey Sprecher. Jeffrey is the company"s Chairman and also CEO.

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Personal Life: In 2004, Kelly married Jeffrey. They live in a 15,000 square-foot mansion in Atlanta"s Tuxedo Park neighborhood. The mansion reportedly price $10.5 million and collection the document for most-expensive residential actual estate transaction in Atlanta history. They also own at least three houses in Florida, a Chicago condo and a beach home in Georgia that cost $4.3 million.

Political Career: Georgia branch Brian Kemp appointed Kelly come the United states Senate in December 2019 after Senator Johnny Isakson resigned due to health reasons. She took office in January 2020. Once she left ice to enter the Senate, the company reportedly forgive Kelly v $9 million. The firm defended the move, stating that payout was deserved since Kelly "left million in equity compensation behind" as soon as she joined the Senate.

In 2020 Loeffler and her husband sold countless dollars of stock in companies vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic after finding out privileged information.

Kelly apparently travels the us in a Bombardier Challenger 300 private jet. Comparable jets cost between $7 and $20 million depending on their age and condition.

Stock sale Controversy: Kelly got harsh criticism in 2020 after ~ it was alleged she had actually sold around $20 million precious of stocks in between January and also March the 2020, purportedly after ~ receiving at an early stage intelligence briefings on the potential upcoming impacts of COVID-19. The sales reportedly permitted the Loefflers come avoid substantial losses together the stock sector tanked when the wider world learned the the virus" affect on the global economy. Loeffler has denied every wrongdoing.

WNBA Ownership: In 2010 Kelly purchase a decimal stake in the WNBA"s Atlanta Dream. A year later she and a partner ended up being full owners. In July 2020 Kelly wrote a public letter the objected to football player wearing "Black stays Matter" and also other slogans. Some WNBA players called for she removal of ownership.

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Personal Wealth: together we pointed out previously, Kelly Loeffler"s $500 million net worth made her the richest member of Congress.