The star's daughter, Ella, 20, and also son Benjamin, 10, sent out holiday wishes on their an initial Christmas because the death of your mother, Kelly Preston, from chest cancer.

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John Travolta mutual a glimpse of his first Christmas through his children since the fatality of wife Kelly preston in July.

The 66-year-old actor post a short video on Instagram Saturday that shows his daughter, Ella, 20, and son Benjamin, 10, wishing anyone a funny Christmas.

Ella has some comfy-looking pajamas on if a shirtless Ben is sitting and also having a snack together their father asks them come say a quick merry Christmas to everyone.

The Travolta family members has been enduring their first holidays since the loss of Preston, who passed away at 57 in July after ~ a two-year bout with breast cancer. Travolta announced the heartbreaking news top top Instagram.


"Kelly’s love and life will constantly be remembered," the wrote. "I will certainly be taking part time to it is in there because that my kids who have lost your mother, so forgive me in breakthrough if you don’t hear from united state for a while. But please recognize that I will certainly feel your outpouring that love in the weeks and also months ahead together we heal..."

The "Pulp Fiction" star significant his very first Thanksgiving there is no his wife last month by expressing his gratitude for the outpouring of condolences because that his family following she death.

"I simply wanted to take this minute to thank each and also every one of you for supporting me in together an incredible way this year," he said in an Instagram video. "Happy Thanksgiving and constantly love."

He likewise shared a throwback shot from your 1991 wedding in October on what would"ve been Preston"s 58th birthday.

"Happy birthday hon! I found this picture of mine mom and dad‘s wedding," he created on Instagram. "It was nice to see ours together theirs. Every my love, John."

In addition to Ella and Benjamin, the couple had one more son, Jett, who died in 2009 at 16 after having actually a seizure if on a family members vacation in the Bahamas.

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"I have actually never met anyone as courageous, strong, beautiful and also loving together you," she wrote.

"You have actually made life so beautiful and also I understand you will continue to perform so always," she added. "I love friend so much mama."

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