Find out every little thing that you ever needed come know around the American singer, kid Rock: His Son, network Worth, surprising Home, and Battle through Oprah Winfrey


Kid rock Overview

Robert James Ritchie, recognized as child Rock by the totality world, is a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and actor based in America. That has remained in the sector for over 30 years. His music style and also genre revolve about hip hop, country, and also rock.

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Kid absent is a highly-skilled musician and also he can play multiple instruments. He also takes an imaginative and managerial manage of his music career. He was the producer that his 9 album innovations out that the 11 he has actually put the end in total.

He began as a self-taught DJ climate released a couple of albums after that. He stays to be an iconic music legend. He additionally owns a famous steakhouse in Nashville, the “Honkey Tonk & absent ‘n’ role Steakhouse”.


Where does child Rock live?

Kid Rock supplied to live on a 5,660 square foot mansion in Bruce Town, Michigan in the unified States. It had 5 bedrooms and also 7 bathrooms and was perched ~ above a 5.5-acre lot. It was developed in 1972 and this is wherein his family stayed in while that was cultivation up.

His residence today despite is a much cry indigenous his childhood home. He now lives in a doublewide trailer. That is much more than happy to have actually his home downsized. It renders it an ext convenient for him to travel to work.


How old is child Rock?

Kid rock turned 49 years old in 2020. He to be born ~ above January 19, 1971, in Romeo, Michigan in the united States. Kid Rock is a Capricorn.

How high is child Rock?

Kid rock is 1.83 meter or 6’0’’ tall.

What ethnicity is child Rock?

Kid rock is Caucasian.

What nationality is boy Rock?

Kid rock is one American, coming from Michigan, USA. Kid Rock says, “The residence I flourished up in…was a beautiful, very middle-class American colonial house…set ~ above over six acres of land.” in spite of this, he ended up being well known on the Detroit rap scene because that demanding to battle others.


How lot does kid Rock weigh?

Currently, he apparently weighs 84 kilograms or 185 lbs. The has constantly been thin, describing himself together a “skinny kid”.

What is child Rock’s net worth?

Reports case that boy Rock’s network worth is between $100 million and also $150 million. What go he invest his money on? absent plays approximately his redneck, white-trash persona v a penchant for weaponry, saying, “I’m constantly buying much more guns. Ns have every little thing from a Civil battle cannon to an MP5 machine gun and also old police guns”. Exactly how reassuring.

What is kid Rock most renowned for?

Kid absent is most renowned for his music career. He exit multiple albums such together Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, The Polyifuze Method, early on Mornin’ Stoned Pimp, and also more. His country album Born cost-free was additionally received well by the public.

Kid Rock was in the spotlight towards the end of 2019 once he command sexual and racial slurs at Oprah Winfrey. He climbed top top stage, plainly intoxicated, and also made lewd comments followed by saying the he is “not racist” because that saying them. Son Rock has carried his dislike for Winfrey for fairly some time, stating in 2008 the Winfrey is his “real-life villain” due to the fact that he thinks she is disingenuous throughout an interview with Independent magazine.

Controversy has actually been an important part of boy Rock’s career, from his persistent use of the Confederate Flag to his public screens of affection through wife Pamela Anderson and leaving her soon after your miscarriage. And taking top top Oprah, Kid especially dismissed Beyonce’s fame and also success and also in pride Month 2021 repeatedly offered homophobic slurs. Luckily, Billboard compiled a timeline that his other wild assertions and also opinionated outbursts.

Is son Rock single or married?

Kid rock is single. But, that was previously married to Pamela Anderson in 2006 and they separation up in 2007.

In respectable of 2020 boy Rock courted the media through a fake wedding to Loretta Lynn, country music legend, age 88 in ~ the time.

Does child Rock have any kind of children?

Kid Rock’s boy is called Robert James Ritchie, Jr. Born in 1993, his mommy was kid Rock’s childhood sweetheart Kelly South. In the year 2000, a custody battle resulted in absent receiving permanent custody of Junior kid Rock. Child Rock admitted to being a terrible function model and also “bring(ing) house girls that (his son) had much more in common with 보다 I did.” in a 2015 interview v The Guardian.

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However, in the independent he claimed his kid is, without doubt, his “greatest inspiration”, adding, “Children deserve to balance you out sometimes, i m sorry is something ns was seriously in require of.”


Robert “Kid Rock” Ritchie and also Robert Ritchie Jr. Attends the 56th yearly NAACP hit for flexibility Fund Dinner at Cobo room on may 1, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan.