Kim Kardashian is an American media personality who gained worldwide acclaim after she and her family appeared in the truth television series, Keeping up with the Kardashians. The show’s success spawned number of spinoffs, including Kourtney and Kim Take new York and Kourtney and also Kim take Miami.

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Kardashian capitalized on her television and also social media call by publication a slate of products linked to she name, including a mobile call game and a an individual app. She has also engaged in lobbying because that criminal justice device reform.

Kim is both admired and criticized because people can’t figure out why she is for this reason famous. This item will detail how Kim Kardashian got famous.

Kim asserted to have actually been high top top ecstasy once she make the sex-tape the made her famous


The main story around Kim Kardashian’s sex ice starts ~ Vivid Entertainment acquired the video from one unidentified resource for $1 million. Before the film’s planned release, Kim sue Vivid because that profits and ownership the the tape. Kim and the company worked out out the court because that $5 million.

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However, some world question the truth around that story; many notably,Kardashian Dynastyauthor, Ian Halperin. In his book, Ian alleged that the idea because that Kim to film a sex tape came from Paris Hilton. The further declared that Kim’s mother, Kris, engineered the tape’s release to lively Entertainment.

A representative because that Kim and also Kris refuse Ian’s allegations and, therefore did Vivid entertain CEO, Steve Hirsch. According to Steve, he had actually no contact whatsoever v Kris Jenner, and also Kim make the efforts as lot as she might to block the tape’s release. He toldPage Six:

“I know civilization have speculated ~ above , yet the facts are the facts. A lot of nonsense has been reported end the years… together nonsense. I don’t know who began that. the reality to obtain in the method of a an excellent story.”